Friday, November 15, 2013


Please don’t tell me it’s Friday already.  Is it me or are the days flying by? 

Days seem to be on full speed, but that’s not the case when it comes to hearing from the Lord this week. 

I’ve been waiting and waiting for prayers to be answered and the anticipation is putting me way behind schedule.
Do you remember that old Heinz ketchup commercial where they used the song "Anticipation" by Carly Simon?  It was back in the 70’s when they first used the idea.  Hungry people wanted their favorite ketchup and they wanted it immediately.

In order to get what they anticipated, they would have to be patient, which called for what would seem to be an abnormal amount of time to wait. The point of the advertisement is that the product is worth the wait. 

Have you ever felt like that?  You know, waiting for some good news or a good report and it seems to be taking forever? (Like waiting for this post hopefully.)

With so much to do, we need results right away.  If I don’t get what I need now, it will throw everything off and I won't get everything done I need to, on time.  Waiting is out of the question, right?  The main thing I have difficulty in is waiting, especially on God. He keeps my anticipation levels really high. 

It actually started last weekend when my husband asked me to sing for some upcoming services he was doing.  The problem wasn’t the singing, but which songs he wanted me to sing that would welcome the Holy Spirit into the services.  I had been praying for some enlightenment and kept questioning my husband about the topic of his messages.   We had been informed that the congregation was experiencing some rather unusual circumstances, so we were seeking the Lord’s guidance in what we were to do for them in the way of ministering.

It’s important that the songs line up with what the Lord wants to do in the service, and I know that I don’t need to know what the message is for God to work, but when He does let me know, it helps.  In this case, neither God nor my husband gave me any assistance (I think they were working together on this one.) Nada, zilch, nothing …

My problem is that the teacher part of me was trying to take over and have everything in order.  If I had the songs in place I could move on to another task for that event concerning literature, equipment, contacts, etc. It wasn’t happening.  I just kept pushing, and pushing for results.
Stop Overthinking!  Give it a rest already!

Without any direction I asked a friend of mine to pray that God would reveal His Will to me concerning these matters. 

On Tuesday she gave me some encouraging words that I should have taken as a sign from God. 
However, because of my anticipation and eagerness to get started, I didn’t receive the simplicity of her answer as being direction from the Lord.

This is what she said,
“I don’t think you should over think your song.  Let God guide you.  He knows who will be hearing your song and who NEEDS your song.  He will make it work… 
I’m getting the feeling that it doesn’t matter about the fit, but reaching out to someone in need.  We don’t know what that is, but God does. … Just a feeling.  Let God tell you.”

Sounds like something I would be telling a client myself doesn’t it?

The day was a practically nothing day.  I was trying so hard to focus; I lost focus on everything else.  That morning I even sent my husband out with this assignment, “Go get me some good news about God giving favor to someone.  I figured my answer might be "out there" and a Word or "sign" to guide what we were to do (rather than wait on God, of course). When he returned home that night I sought out an answer from him.  He came home with this exciting news, “I got to come home.” 

Wait a minute, that’s not exactly what I was expecting in anticipation of his answer.  So on Wednesday I requested he do the same thing.  Go find out what God is doing in the body of Christ in extending His favor this week.”  He came home and said the same thing, “I got to come home.  Apparently he had used up his word limit for the day, because he didn’t have anything else to say.

Meet Mocha
By early evening on Wednesday both of us were sitting on the couch emotionally exhausted, getting almost nothing accomplished on our lists.   The night being far from over we had to give one of the rescue cats we are caring for his medicine and IV. 
His name is Mocha and he is an elderly Siamese cat between the ages of 12-15.  At this time he hadn’t eaten for days and had been diagnosed with kidney failure, so was in need of specialty care (which we do).

In the beginning Mocha was very weak and would hold still for the injections, but about two weeks in he was gaining some strength and was harder to handle. Now it takes both of us to do this, with my husband administering the medicine by holding in the needle under the skin and me holding the cat down with both arms.  This is a really uncomfortable procedure and I do what I can to keep the cat calm whilst trying not to get stuck if he moves.  (Hopefully I'll get the video up on You Tube this week for you to see.)

In a sitting down position with Mocha on a table, I embrace him and keep my chin rested on his head while I whisper to him the entire time he is being medicated.  It takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how much fluid he needs.  Normally I talk to him quietly and thank God for healing Mocha, but that night I prayed continually in the Spirit.  It was the most relaxed Mocha had ever been. The next day he didn’t need as much fluid, ate better and was more active.

Surrounded by Favor
Late Thursday night I realized that my anticipation was fine, but my timing wasn’t.  The Lord knew I was seeking Him and His will to be done, but I didn’t trust my own faith in God to be enough.  I felt that I should be doing more as I waited. 

It was like the Abram/Sarai complex was trying to take over and help God out or rush Him along so I could stay on schedule.

Do you remember their idea of helping God move things along? If you have read the book of Genesis chapter 16, you know how that turned out … not good.  It's best to let God alone, and that's what I finally did.

When I relaxed and just let God work with Mocha, the results were immediate.  The Lord had been active in our home all week and was trying to get both of us to just relax and let Him work.  When my husband gave his answer to my favor question, he wasn’t trying to be smart or funny, but was serious.  If you have listened to any of the newscasts this week, you are quite aware of all the disasters and killings of Christians that have taken place.  God’s favor shield of protection had been in effect the entire time. 

Remaining where we were kept us out of danger and allowed us to be effective for Christ right where we were at that time.  We were already praying, studying and seeking guidance.  Direction was on its way, but came as slow as that ketchup from the bottle.  God gave us what we needed at the time we needed it, and that's what we are to keep in mind.

Just because it looks like nothing is happening or appears that God’s not interested in your prayers isn’t the case. 

“But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name be joyful in You.  For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield.” (Psalm 5:11-12 NKJV)

Before we went to bed I asked my husband, “Do you think we’ve been working too hard on this and haven’t let it flow?  (Yeah, now the thought kicked in.) He didn’t respond verbally, but both of us stopped fretting.  I can’t say that we were rejoicing or even outwardly joyful (you know we had already spent our energy on fretting), but we did know that as the Righteousness of God, we were about to be blessed.

God does expect us to anticipate His answer when we pray, but He isn’t about to rush on the response just because we want it immediately.  In order for everything to work out according to His plan, it has to be according to His timing as well. 
I'm Gonna Wait ...

In a way this has been rather comical, because one of the songs I sing is called, “I’m Gonna Wait on the Lord.”  Look at the last line:

“I’m gonna wait on the Lord, and I’m not gonna rush anything He’s got planned.  I’m gonna wait, and leave it in His hands.”

The answer was there all the time, just like your answer is.  Whatever God is doing in your life you can be sure it’s going to be good and will send favor your way.  You’re not behind schedule; everything will fall into place as God makes your way prosperous. 

Mediate on His Word and believe the outcome is going to be good and right on time.

It’s true, anticipation may be keeping us waiting, but waiting on the Lord is worth it.

Heinz commercial 1979

Until next time, keeping looking. You’re bound to see God’s favor!
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