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Waiting for Favor Season: Part 2

It had been a while since my husband and I were able to spend time relaxing in a restaurant.  Without fail we would rush through dinner or even have to skip it in order to be at some after work activity.

Whether it was out on the ball field as coaches to a few dozen Little Leaguers, choir practice, teaching Sunday School, Advanced First Aid classes, graduate school or social events, life was pretty hectic with calendar overload.  Having the opportunity to sit down at a table without papers to grade was a “real” blessing (as the saying goes) and God made a way for that to happen.

Let’s continue with the story on how hubby and I went from waiting on God for a favored season to waiting in line for a table …

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Food Glorious Food

You didn't have to drive far to find a good place to eat.  One of the first places we tried was Luigi's Italian Restaurant.  How could it be anything but Italian with a name like Luigi's?  It had a romantic atmosphere and our table (by a side window) had the view of a small waterfall that flowed off a creek on the mountain and down into Lake George.  Beautiful!

The Log Jam Restaurant was (and is) probably the hottest place in town.  It's always busy, crowded with lines reaching out into the parking lot.  

However, once inside, you are greeted with logs and timber and the feeling of being inside of a giant cabin with antler chandeliers. 

The food was jammin' (get it?).  It made you glad that you braved the lines and waited for a table.

Our hands down favorite restaurant was The Coachman, located between Lake George and Glens Falls, New York.  They extended such favor to us going out of their way to make sure we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience.  Plus, their buffet was excellent with desserts to match, making it a “have to eat there” place every time we visited the area.

Fun ‘till Daddy Takes the Skee-ball away!

Being able to take a deep breath and not have it followed with needing to be anywhere in particular is calming in itself.  It makes my heart happy and it’s pleasing to the Lord.

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, 
but heartache crushes the spirit.” (Proverbs 15:13)

Adding a few of my FAVOR-ite game activities sends me merrily on my way and sure makes hubby’s life happier without taking meds!  We all know the phrase: “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”  Research has proved this is pretty much on target, but since God said it first, I’ll take His Word as truth for everyone.

“A joyful heart is good medicine, 
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22)

Canada Street (the main street in Lake George Village) is one of my favorite places to stroll for popping in to some fun spots and arcades.  Since hubby got to do a few of his fav’s it was my turn to let loose.  My idea of exciting includes playing indoor miniature golf. 

(It’s not in NY, but on my Facebook page you can see the video of us playing Glow Miniature Golfing.)

Although that was pleasurable, whack a mole was on the agenda before settling into a game series of Skee-Ball in the arcade. If permitted, I could play it for hours and hours or until hubby took the tokens and said it was time to leave!  Who knows where my love for the game came from, perhaps it was because the inventor Joseph Simpson was from Vineland, New Jersey! 

The Sweet Life

I know that this is probably a stretch, but it definitely was a heavenly idea.  The Bible tells us in James 1:17, that every good and perfect gift comes from God.  

He certainly was in our plans during all our recreational activities and the next stop was one place where thanksgiving always came out of our mouths!

After a vigorous golf game (not really, but I am VERY competitive) or time at the arcade, we made sure to finish out the day at Wagar's Soda Fountain and Confectionery Shop stepping back in 
time as we entered the nostalgic styled ice cream parlor. The day only got better relaxing in that “old-time” atmosphere eating freshly made hand-dipped ice cream.

It was easy to forget about the rest of the world and get caught up in the moment, while inside listening to the Nickelodeon player piano tunes of the twenties or thirties.   

You can hear what the piano sounds like and see the style of the one in the shop here: Player Piano Demonstration

A large scaled train circled the perimeter of the store from the suspended tracks on the ceiling.  You could see it make its way around the room as you dipped into your sundae.

The entertainment didn't stop there.  Before leaving we’d browse through their selections of candy.  A must try was their signature Adirondack "bear claws" with your choice of almonds, cashews or pecans (my favorite for this candy) smothered in their famous caramel, then hand dipped in the finest milk, dark or white chocolate.  You just had to try them all ... it was a no brainer!

Standing in front of the glass cabinet full of goodies we watched the owners making their homemade fudge, offering each onlooker a piece of the creamy delights.

I was so sad when they closed in 2011 with the passing of the owners.  Visiting them was always the sweetest part of our day.

Making it Educational – A Bit of History

What is a trip for an educator if we cannot find something of interest for our classrooms, especially when it comes to the subject of history!  Each time we visited this part of New York we always found new sites to visit and learned something different about our country.

Fort William Henry was built in 1755 and sits at the southern end of Lake George.  Those interested in International war history surely would find it a point of interest. 

There are quaint shops at the bottom of the hill in front of the fort, one where I indulge in my only soft caramel candy apple of the year and a container of hot Mr. B’s tater tots.  As people come in and out of the stores its’ hilarious to watch the ducks quacking with disapproval when folks walk their dogs along the waterfront.

The Minnie-Ha-Ha Paddle Steamboat

Full Steam Ahead

At the head of the lake you can gather a boatload of information and knowledge concerning the three steamboats that cruise along Lake George - the Mohican, Lac du Saint Sacrement and our favorite, the Minne-Ha-Ha.  (You can see all three in this short clip from the company.)

All three steamboats traveled back and forth in front of our chalet on the lake at Sun Castle.  We loved to watch them pass by and wave to the people as we sat out on our villa deck in the crisp October air. 

View as the Minnie passed by our deck.

This is a sample of what we saw and heard from our villa.

There was something really special about the Minne-HaHa.  She had a steam powered calliope (a paddle wheeler) that played old time songs at various times throughout the day. 

Calliope on the Minnie-Ha-Ha
As more and more outsiders purchased property along the lake, they failed to appreciate the music or “carnival-like” atmosphere it evoked and petitioned to have it shut down from operation. Unfortunately for visitors of this historical vessel, the Minnie-Ha-Ha became silent!

To see what the fuss is all about concerning the famous Lake District, here is a new video of a family who just finished their summer Lake George trip ending it with a ride on the famous Minnie-Ha-Ha.  No music, just a few whistle blows.  You can see people waving on the shorelines, while watching the glorious majestic view of the lake and mountains.

Minne's calliope was dismantled and all she does now is puff a little steam like any other ship of her kind.  Disheartening ending, but our memories of her play loud and free. 

There’s Always More to It

Being able to get away for a few days every so often isn’t what this article was about, nor was it to promote some fun sites (even though they were cool).  With everything I write, there is an underlying purpose and I’ll get into that more next time.

I’d like to leave you with this thought when it comes to waiting on God for your favorite season, or whatever it is you’re hoping for in prayer.  No matter what I was doing whether making my bed, cooking dinner, doing homework, slipping away a few days for a mini-vacation – whatever it was, my mother would quote this passage of scripture to me:

"And whatever you do or say (no matter what it is), do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." (Colossians 3:17 NLT)

Whether we are at work, home, relaxing or out having fun even on a mini-vacation ... "whatever we do (or say) should always be pleasing to God.  He has provided means of clean amusements as gifts.  They should not be taken lightly, but are to nourish our relationships and reflect the joy of the Lord that lives in those who have received the favor gift of salvation.

" ... I will rejoice in the Lord.  I will joy in the God of my salvation."
(Habakkuk 3:18 NKJV)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our weekend excursions from over the years. Come back next time for part 3 and final part of Waiting for Favor Season and learn what happened as a result of our Columbus Day weekend lake trips.

… but before you leave, I’ve listed some information below about the places mentioned in this article.

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Until next time, your favor season is coming!

"Seasons of favor take patience." - Jesus Christ

Helpful Points of Interest & Information:
Places to stay, where to eat, shop, activities and enjoy the view.

Where to Lodging & View
Adirondack Region
Sun Castle Chalets: 3178 Lake Shore Dr, Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668-2085
Sagamore Resort 110 Sagamore Rd, Bolton Landing, NY 12814 (518) 644-9400

Where to Shop & Outlets
Lake George Village Mall 204 Canada St. #1442, Lake George, NY 12845 phone (518) 685-5331
Shopping at Bolton Landing, NY 12814 518-644-3831
Glens Falls Mall Shopping Outlets
Aviation Mall 578 Aviation Rd., Queesbury, NY 12804 phone (518) 793-8818

Where to Eat – Food, Food, Food
Log Jam Restaurant (always packed) 1484 U.S. 9, Lake George, NY 12845 phone (518) 798-1155
Coachman Restaurant (our favorite outside of town) 99 State Street, Glen Falls, NY 12801 phone (518) 793-4455

More romantic and the view was fabulous.
Luigis (personal waterfall outside the window while you dine.)

Now closed, but it was fun –
Wagar’s Soda Fountain & Confectionery Shop on Canada St.
Lake George, New York with the Nickelodeon Player Piano

Activities & Entertainment
Minne-Ha-Ha & Steamboats, Lake George,
Adirondack Mountains, horseback riding,

Historical, Educational and Family Fun
Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain, Vermont, New York Regions,
Lake Placid Olympics, North Pole New York Santa’s Workshop.

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