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Can you believe that fall is already upon us?  The summer seemed to breeze by barely giving us time to enjoy the season.  That's when we have to step back and take notice of what God is doing in the present.

I just want to pause right now to give all of you that have pray for us a giant thank you.  It means so much knowing that whatever we are experiencing there are people lifting us up before the Lord in prayer.  That leads me to sharing some news about hubby's health.

Since April my husband had been losing weight continually (over 25 pounds) and hardly eating.  It came to the point where he completely stopped eating and had a fever around 103 that wouldn't break.  After a few emergency visits he was finally admitted to the hospital.

I really cannot tell you how many tests were done on him to find out what was wrong, but hundreds I suppose.  There were so many that they had to even take blood from his neck (ouch!).  On the positive side I guess, he was so out of it that he didn't know all that was happening.

Last week they came to the conclusion that besides being severely dehydrated along with a bacterial infection, he also had "cat scratch fever".  With us so involved with animal rescues, it didn't seem that strange.  However, due to his weak immune system it became extremely serious and life threatening.

Hubby is home and recovering, but some of the symptoms are trying to return.  He isn't losing weight now, but still isn't eating much either.  In order for him to gain strength to fight off anything he must eat whether it hurts or not.  With some convincing he is trying to eat at least once a day, even if it's a small portion.

As for the other tests (black spot on his kidney and prostate concerns) the latest doctor's reports, x-rays and tests this week came back great.  We thank God for these new finds and believe that hubby's health will be restored completely.

If you or a loved one is experiencing health problems I offer this to you.  Put your trust and faith in a God who heals. His name is Jesus.  Call upon His mighty name and declare words of health and healing into your life just like King David did.

"O LORD my God, I cried out to You and You healed me." 
(Psalm 30:2)  

Click on the favor for healing scriptures on this site and keep believing.  Then repeat this prayer and expect healing to be manifested through your confession of faith.

Declare this prayer.

Until next time, be touched by God's healing favor.

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  1. Fay, I sincerely love your Blogs! You have a way of sharing God’s Love through His greatness, that is most inspiring! If we, His children, were to weigh hearts based on their Goodness, Kindness & Love, YOUR heart would outweigh most! Today, I honor you and all you stand for in His holy name.You’re such an inspiration to me & I love you, my Friend & Sister in ✝️Christ. ❤️Margaret


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