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Supernatural Favor

Elsie hadn’t been at her job long before people noticed something different about her.  No matter what the task, she seemed to go the extra mile in whatever it was she was assigned. 

One day Elsie’s manager happened to be on her floor at work and saw how she handled each responsibility given.  The boss popped her head in and out of the rooms, wondering where the other workers were that had also been given tasks on that floor.  No one was around except Elsie.   

Weeks had gone by and nothing more was said about the missing co-workers.  It was near closing time and Elsie was finishing out her shift when she was summoned to the office.  Only working there a few months, Elsie got worried.  Was she about to be fired? 

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Earned Favor 

Gathering her belongings Elsie began to make her way to the boss’s office. The narrow corridor wasn’t that long, but the walk felt like it was clear across town.  As she approached the door her heart was pounding anticipating what was to come.  

Holding her breath she slowly raised her arm and tapped gently on the door with three knocks. Given permission to enter Elsie hesitated and then proceeded with caution.  Giving a quick glance around the room she noticed several upper management staff seated in a half circle. 

Being asked to sit down, Elsie placed her purse and tote bag in front of her on the floor as if they could shield her from what might happen.  The room was silent when her boss cleared her throat and began to speak.   

Thirty minutes had gone by and Elsie’s anxiety was relieved as each of the staff expressed their gratitude for how she performed her duties.  The meeting was closed with the members in the room standing and walking over to shake her hand for a job well done. 

Elsie bent over to pick up her things from the floor when her boss walked over and handed her an envelope.  “Before you leave we’d like to give this gift certificate to you as a way of showing our appreciation.”  She continued with “Be sure you don’t tell anyone else.  This is only for you.”  

What Elsie received that day was natural favor! She had earned it for outstanding achievement. 

Natural Favor 

Natural favor is something that anyone can earn. It can be extended to people, pets, places or items.  In general, natural favor is something we give to things that we love, adore or cherish.  Things that we think fondly of often receive favor based on merit or how they rate on our approval scale. You can see how that worked on Elsie’s behalf at work. 

When people think of natural favor family or friends are what usually come to mind.  It’s natural to favor these people over strangers, because they mean something to us emotionally and personally.  Most of the time those close to us don’t have to do anything to earn our favor; the favor we show them is based on love or friendship. We willingly pour out blessings on them. 

I am extremely blessed that my husband shows me favor every day in the way of cooking meals, doing his own laundry or vacuuming.  I show him favor because I let him do it. It’s my way of giving back … Win win as I see it! 

Seriously, it really is great and I appreciate every time he chooses to shower me with these blessings.  He doesn’t have to do it, but because I am his wife he “naturally” wants to do these things for me alone. 

Natural favor can also be earned by those who have shown a kindness or have done something outstanding meriting blessings to be given for certain things.  Let’s say that you have done a really good job at work like my friend Elsie.  In turn your boss rewards you with a raise based on duties that stood above your peers.  Like Elsie, you would be the only one to receive this “natural” favor in that situation. 

The problem with natural or human favor is that it may come with work that has to be maintained.  Once a person slacks off or does something wrong the favor they once had also diminishes.  Staying in favor then becomes a taskmaster, and often turns into bitterness if it’s no longer given or received. You find yourself feeling like a pet that does tricks for a treat hoping the trainer notices you’ve followed their commands. 

Supernatural Favor 

There is a difference between what we know as natural favor versus supernatural favor. Although we like receiving favor from most anyone I’d venture to say, gaining access to Supernatural favor is really what we want. 

Supernatural favor isn’t like natural favor, because it cannot be earned or worked for by humans.  When we become children of God through Jesus Christ, we fall under the covering of the Lord and His favor.  He grants us His favor and it increases as our journey with Jesus lines up with God’s plan. 

Part of the blessings of salvation is the gift of God’s favor to the Righteous.  It’s included under the umbrella (canopy, shadow of the Almighty as Psalm 91 records) of His wonderful grace and mercy.  There isn’t anything we can do to earn it, because it’s free.  However, everyone who is a descendant of Abraham has access to this favor and power when we walk in the precepts God has outlined for us in His Word for His plan. 

The more we learn to trust God and follow His path, the more favor He entrusts us with for our journey.  When we receive this blessing, things start to change in our lives, people notice that God’s hand is on us like it was on Abraham’s, Joseph’s or King David’s life.   

When we begin to pray and expect the favor of God to surround us as a shield (Psalm 5:12), the doors that were once closed suddenly open, opportunities come faster and blessings follow us wherever we set our feet.  It’s rather amazing and supercharges the plan of God on our life. 

Favor Walk 

For three and a half years the disciples experienced favor walks with Jesus.  They relied on Him for everything, and that trust allowed God to rain favor on their journey.  It’s funny how they forgot about that supernatural favor for a time when Jesus ascended into Heaven, but praise God Pentecost came and their faith was restored. 

Thanks to the gift of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us upon salvation, we don’t have to wait for Jesus to send down His power.  Every day we can walk in the favor of God and experience miracles and wonders when we allow Jesus to journey with us.  Spending time with Him changes everything in you, for you and around you.  

All we have to do is ask for favor during our fellowship time with Him. 

“And let the (gracious) favor of the Lord our God be on us;
Confirm for us the work of our hands –
Yes, confirm the work of our hands. (Psalm 90:17 AMP)

This Week’s Challenge:
Ask for Supernatural Favor 

In our prayer time sometimes it’s easy to forget to ask God for something we need, because we usually focus on other people.  If we do pray for God to move on our behalf I doubt we use the word “favor” in the request. 

The Bible shares specific times when individuals enjoyed the favor of God on their lives.  It also tells of how people asked for the Lord’s favor in all kinds of situations.  King David, for one, wasn’t shy when it came to calling on the Lord for a favor or two.  You might even say he expected a favor flow based on what he makes known about his prayer life. He declared the promises of God and as David did this, favor increased. 

“Hear, O Lord, be gracious and show favor to me; O Lord, be my helper.” (Psalm 30:10 AMP)

“By this I know that You favor and delight in me, because my enemy does not shout in triumph over me.”  (Psalm 41:11 AMP) 

Our challenge this week includes asking for supernatural favor in our prayers by praying the promises of favor.  This is something that I have incorporated in my prayer life.  I have experienced God’s favor as a result of wanting to spend time with the Lord, asking Him to overtake, overpower and overwhelm me with blessings as I walk with and seek His will. 

On Saturday, March 5th, 2016 the devil tried to do me harm in a minor accident, but he was not permitted to triumph over me because God’s favor shield surrounded me.  You too can expect God to do the same for you by praying His favor shield around you daily.   

After you have prayed and asked the Lord for His favor in a certain area, believe that you will receive it.  Elsie is experiencing favor from God and mankind on a regular basis now, because she has partnered with Jesus for her journey.  I met Elsie less than two years ago and I can verify that the favor hand of the Lord surrounds her. 

People are out of work all over America, but Elsie was hired the day she applied for a job.  God positioned her in a place where she would receive supernatural and natural favor, because her faith in God was greater than statistics. 

Don’t be fooled by satan that this isn’t for real. God hears the prayers of His children and our confidence in Him is what He sees.  He will distribute supernatural favor to you His child, as your request lines up with your journey. 

Believe you walk in miracles and live a life of supernatural favor by praying (speaking scriptures in your request) as did Moses.  When you pray the promises of God you will surely live in Supernatural Daily Favor.  

“Heavenly Father, make Your face shine upon me with favor,  and be gracious surrounding me with lovingkindness …”  (from Numbers 6:25 AMP)

I bless you in the name of Jesus that the favor of God be manifested in your life from this very day. 

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Until next time, pray favor into your life!
“My favor is released through My promises.”
Jesus Christ 

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