Friday, November 4, 2016

Wear and Share Faith

Most of my friends and students know there was a time when I was a super sports fan of two teams – the Philadelphia PhilIies (baseball) and the Los Angeles Lakers (basketball). 
More so than my husband, I was ridiculously into those teams, especially during the championship or playoff games.  When people visited our home and saw the signed memorabilia they assumed it was hubby’s when in fact they were all mine! 

They also know that I’m just as big of a fan of t-shirts with special sayings on them.   You know the kind that really express what you’re thinking, but aren’t bold enough to say it.

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Precious Moments 

Several years ago one of my seventh grade boys wanted to do something special for my birthday.  This was unusual favor, because I didn’t receive gifts from my kids other than at Christmas.  He was one of those fun but quiet students that had his own way of doing things.   

Sharing our love for sports is where we found our bond, and how our relationship grew into respect.  I suppose this is where his gift idea came into “play” (pun intended), and a way of the parent thanking me for getting his son to finally clean his room. 

It was one of my most precious moments in teaching when Bryan and his father presented me a Lakers jersey. I was so proud of that special gift that I sported it everywhere, sharing the story of a sweet boy pestering his dad into trekking all over South Jersey to find one just for me.   

Whenever I wore my Lakers jersey there was no doubt in the onlooker’s mind of which team I was representing.  The message was clear and I was proud to share it without regret. 

Where are the Jerseys?

Although athletic gear emerged during the first Olympics in Greece back in the 770’s B.C., it has evolved throughout the years from the sportsman wearing the garment to the general public.  Wear and share message t-shirts for sports fans have been around for over one hundred years. 
Many believe the game of baseball was invented by New Yorker Abner Doubleday, but it is disputed whether or not it was an actual sport.  However there isn't any question as to when it turned into one, and when a specific attire was to be worn during such games.
For baseball, fan uniform frenzy all began between two teams that ended up playing out their dreams on a "neutral" field.  In 1846 Alexander Cartwright organized the first recorded baseball game that took place between the Cartwright Knickerbockers and the New York Baseball Club held at Elysian Field in Hoboken, New York. 

It was a Presbyterian pastor from Springfield, Massachusetts who invented the sport we know as basketball.  On December 21st, 1891 the YMCA Training School got a front row seat to this “indoor” sport that was merely created to improve athletic skills for football and rugby. There were guidelines for team uniforms even back then!
New York Knickerbockers Baseball Champions 1865

Over the years the designs have changed, but the love for showing off that special piece of apparel hasn’t.  I wonder what these two men would think of the modern t-shirt jersey designs. 

Sporting the #1 Team 

With the World Series being the highlight of the week for many people, there were a few things that really stood out in my mind.  In a round-about way it reminded me of the first disciples as being teamsters for Jesus. 

A shirt that has made the rounds for many years poked fun of the Chicago Cubs for never making it to the World Series.  It had a picture of a can of Coke (the soda beverage) with an "h" between the c and o. It stated, "Choke, the official drink of the Chicago Cubs".   

That schtick (gimmick) can no longer be identified with the 2016 winners.  The jersey t-shirt can be put in the rag bin and is no longer valid, as the Cubs have now won the World Series for the first time in 108 years!  

When the disciples answered, “Yes, I will follow You” to Jesus, they were saying that they were now going to be identified as being exclusively signed to His team.  Everything they did from that point on had to be representative of Jesus, including their clothing. 

In Biblical times, clothing was an instant identifier that separated people, tribes and nations.  Whether we’d like to believe it or not, it still is today.  Just looking at the clothes people wear tells you a great deal about the individual, their interests, likes and dislikes. 

If someone had a look in your closet or drawers, what would people be able to tell about you?  Which team are you sporting as number one?  Is there anything that says you’re a follower of Jesus? 

Jersey’s for Jesus 

It’s still true, I love fun jersey’s and still have some that could leave a few people wondering.  For example as a counselor this one I own probably doesn’t reflect the interest of the client. 

“Let me drop what I’m doing and focus on YOUR problem.” 

My blessed girl t-shirt jersey.
However, my interests have changed over the years.  What people will find most among my apparel are clothes that declare my discipleship to Christ (plus they are in super cool colors).   

God has promised to those who openly declare their belief in Jesus that they will be favorably rewarded in this lifetime and in Heaven.  That promise has been manifested in my life so many times I can’t count them. 

“So Jesus answered and said, Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My sake and the gospel’s, who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time — houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions — and in the age to come, eternal life.”  (Mark 10:29-30 NKJV) 

“So He said to them, Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or parents or brothers or wife or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God, who shall not receive many times more in this present time, and in the age to come eternal life.” (Luke 18:29-30)

Whenever I wear something that proclaims scripture or my belief, favor and blessings always follow.  The Jersey’s for Jesus message is one I’m proud to wear as I share my faith in the Only Begotten Son of God.  

This Week’s Challenge:
Wear and Share Faith 

Depending on current trends or events, jingles, logo brands and slogan sayings on clothing (especially t-shirts or jerseys) will continually change.   There is one message that will never change; you can wear and share it forever – Jesus Saves.
Sometime it’s hard to share the gospel with people and they aren’t always receptive to being told they are “sinning” against God.  In our last challenge we were asked to go beyond doing good as the world does, and do the works of Christ.  

If we are truly being the disciples Jesus has trained us to be, people will come to expect our lifestyle to reflect the message we preach.  They might not want to listen to us speaking about the Lord, but they will “hear” the message we wear without opening our mouths.

The challenge this week takes us into the clothes closet or drawer for a peek at what message we’re sharing with the world, by wearing something that will let people know we are all about team Jesus.
November 4th (the day of this post) is designated the actual “Jersey” day, where people all over America (world) flaunt their favorite teams by proudly wearing a representative t-shirt.  This is where we’re taking that concept farther.
Instead of wearing something that identifies us with Jesus on one day, try doing it every day for the next week (continue on throughout the year).  If you don’t have anything in that category you might want to think about that …  hmmm.  Be creative and design your own jersey, after all if Alexander Cartwright could do it why not you?   Paint or draw a message on an article of clothing and show it off to the world.
Wear something that proclaims your faith through a message, whether it is a clever saying, scripture or picture representing a biblical subject.  You may want to wear a jersey, scarf, tie, headband, bandanna, socks, jacket, shirt, jewelry … it doesn’t matter what as long as it’s something people can see as you “wear and share” your faith in the Lord.

With so many days in the year to wear whatever we like, isn’t it time that people find out about our favored number one champion of the world - Jesus?

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Until next time, God’s favor is for sharing!

“Share your faith & receive My favor.”
Jesus Christ 

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What’s New This Week: The Ball is in Your Court
I could give you tons of links to scriptural apparel, but this one is for you to figure out on your own.  You have a message to share about Jesus. What do you believe?  Who do you follow?  Then wear and share that every day!           

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