Friday, March 22, 2019

Scratching Work

Sometimes it’s hard to see blessings in things that happen, and even harder to recognize “how in the world is this God’s favor” on a situation. 

There’s no way we can fully understand why things happen in life, but because of God’s grace we can put our trust in Him to see us through each trial.

Hello everyone, I guess you’ve been wondering how physical therapy for my arms is going.  I’ve had to cancel one appointment due to weather, but things seem to be back on schedule.

To be honest, I haven’t stuck to it the way I should mainly because I’ve forgotten how to do some of the exercises.  When I look at the diagrams the therapist gave me, they don’t look “normal” even though he made me do them.  Does that make sense?

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It Never Fails

For the most part though I’ve been behaving myself, not something I can attest to for one of the rescue kitties.  This is one of those things that “just happened” and you have to deal with it when it does.  Let me explain.

It’s not unusual for one of the cats to climb on the computer and lay across the keyboard.  No, I don’t encourage that behavior, but trying to keep them off becomes a game.

If you’re a cat owner you can relate to placing beds around your work area, and doing everything possible to ensure your furry baby is comfortable.  This is especially true for new rescues or those in recovery so I can keep an eye on them.

However, it never fails that they soon make their way across your arms and on to the keyboard.  Somehow, they access things in your computer you never knew were there, and trying to remove it while looking over them is practically impossible.

Rescuing Israel

His name is “Izzy”, aka Israel Aldi – Israel because we hadn’t used the letter “I” yet to name a rescue, and Aldi because he was rescued from a dumpster in the back of their store.

Giving the rescues a middle name is a way we remember specific information, so it works for us.  Plus, it reminds me to pray for the nation of Israel daily.

When Izzy is with me, for some reason he has to sit on the computer.  I’m sorry, but it’s actually hilarious how quickly he maneuvers around my work station before I can stop him.

He’s the only one that literally drapes himself over the screen from behind and dangles his legs across the front blocking my vision for typing.   Once he sees the cursor – forget it, work has come to a stop. 

This cat was one of our smallest and youngest rescues; he pretty much thinks I’m his momma allowing me to examine him easily on a regular basis.  However, he has grown into a super huge baby with rather large claws, in which he recently used on my left arm.  Anyway, he either was ticked off or something spooked him.  I don't have a clue as to what happened, but suddenly there was blood everywhere!

His freaking out left me with six deep scratch wounds about seven inches long. I didn’t need stitches, but my forearm was pretty torn up making it really painful to type even with the bandages and full arm covering. 

Scratching Work or Goofing Off?

Being a lefty, I might be out of commission for extended periods of writing during one sitting.   That may not be such a bad idea considering today is National Goof off Day. 

Mind you I’ve never taken advantage of that particular holiday, but I think you’d agree “scratching work” as usual happens to be legitimate for a brief time. 

Thanks so much for your daily prayers and faithfulness. You can be sure that I’m praying Kingdom promises from the Lord for preserving my life through healing,  protection and ministering to my spirit during things that happen that I don't quite understand.

“You have granted me life and favor,
and Your care has preserved my spirit.” (Job 10:12)

There are times in life when our bodies simply need a period of healing.  For us to receive this blessing from the Lord we cannot feel bad or guilty over stepping back from some of our responsibilities in order for it to happen.

If you are in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing please click on the scriptures for healing link on this site.  Spend time in prayer and believe God heard your plea.  Meditate on God’s Word and speak life into your situation by quoting the scriptures out loud. 

Until next time, believe God for healing favor!

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