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Overcoming Adversity

October has been designated a month where we give respect and honor to those who have taught us something that changed our lives. 

In the first part of the month on October 5th, we bestow affection and give rewards to educational teachers from around the world.

The latter half of the month we honor our pastor’s and spiritual leaders. 
I’m tremendously blessed receiving from both areas, but I’ve also been on the other side of the platform as the student. This is where the lessons learned weren’t always ones I wanted, especially when it brought difficulty, hardship or misfortune.  It's also where I learned about the tests through adversity.

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Back to the Classroom
Do you run from challenges or
 bury your head in denial?
Lessons learned from a good teacher will take you beyond their classroom and last a life time.

They will stretch, challenge, push and encourage you to reach farther than what you are capable of at that moment, forcing you to take that step of faith.
Over the past weeks it seems that adversity, tests and trials have been constantly pounding on my door. They aren’t always because I messed up or even from the devil, but from my favorite teacher – Jesus. Bummer!
“In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider that God has made the one side-by-side with the other … (Ecclesiastes7:14a AMP)
Even more frustration came once I started acting on what God said, “Ask Me for Favor.”  You remember that from last week’s lesson and know that I’m walking this path as well. 
Once again I took God at His Word and kept on asking, pressing harder with each new “event” that came … and boy did they come.  What I didn't always keep in mind was that God is watching how I'm handling all this adverse stuff in my life.
Give Me A Brake!
(Yes, I know the spelling is wrong; it’s a play on words.)
Last Friday my husband wanted to go into work so he could see what had piled up over the month he had been gone.  He wasn’t there long and called to say he was coming home.
It had been some time since his call. I was getting a little concerned (OK we all know I started to worry), because he should have been home over an hour ago.
On the way home he needed to stop for gas.  Pulling up near the pump, he pressed his foot on the brake pedal and it went all the way to the floor. He couldn’t stop and had to turn back out into the parking lot to avoid running into the gas pumps.
We know that God didn’t cause the brakes to fail, but protected my husband so he wouldn’t run into the gas pump. Yes, that day of adversity was made by the Lord, and sometimes He allows it to come for a greater purpose but it won’t be to destroy His children.
Pumping the brakes he was able to get a little back and drove home ten miles an hour, pulling over when there was a car behind him.
Now we had another problem. The next day was Saturday and there was only one garage open in town.
Arriving at the garage the mechanic informed my husband that the brake line was broken and he couldn’t get to it until later in the day.  This was at 9:30 am.

Instead of waiting there all day, he kindly brought my husband home and said he would return to get him when the car was done.
Hours went by and still no word.  “Call the man.” I said.  Reluctantly he did and the car still wasn’t ready.

By mid-afternoon we tried again, but this time there was no answer.  The shop closed at 5:30 pm, and it was nearly that time.  What’s going on, and where is our vehicle? 
Finally he showed up at our house at 7:30 pm to pick up my husband and take him back to the garage.  When they pulled into the parking lot the man’s wife was waiting and had a rather fierce look on her face.  I guess she was wondering why her husband wasn’t home.
Trying to help the man save face, hubby got out of the car singing praises of how her husband was so kind.  Her demeanor changed immediately.
When my husband returned with the ruptured brake line fixed, I inquired about how much this cost since he had the car ten hours. I’m excited to share that we got a break on the brake … this stranger showed us favor.
He replaced the brake line and bled the lines down.  They charge $55 an hour, but only charged us $50 total.  The man said he wanted to “help us out” and we never even knew his name!
The Voice in Adversity
The Bible tells us in Job 36:15 that “He (meaning God) delivers the afflicted in their affliction and opens their ears (to His voice) in adversity.”
The Lord directed us to this person who wasn’t the man we normally use.  Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit put us on the path for favor from someone we didn’t know. 
Sure we would have probably gotten a good deal from the garage we use, but they were closed. God knew we would need someone else.  The Lord was teaching us that adversity sometimes goes side-by-side, with Him working in our behalf to show us favor and blessings. He’s still God, all the time and is ready to deliver us when we listen to His direction.

The Power is Available
There will never be a time on this earth when adversity isn’t something we’ll face, at least not until Jesus reigns anyway.  God has promised that even when you are in the midst of harsh conditions of uncertainty, He provides the power of the Holy Spirit to keep us calm.  Take a look.
“That You (God) may give him (us) power to keep himself calm in the days of adversity, until the inevitable pit of corruption is dug for the wicked.” (Psalm 94:13 AMP)
Why is it important that we listen to our teacher Jesus through the Holy Spirit, when things seem to be going out of control?  Solomon tells us.
“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” (Proverbs 24:10 AMP)
Showing that verse to my husband he said, “Oh I’m not fainting, I’m ready to fight.”  See if the devil knows you aren’t staying in faith, he’ll get you to faint, quit and give in until you have no strength left to fight.  He’s expecting you to fail, and wants you to disregard the power of God to help you overcome adversity by not listening to your spiritual teachers.
This Week’s Challenge:
Listening in Adversity
These past few weeks in our journey we have been bold in approaching the throne of God through asking for His favor, while seeking His perfect will for our lives.
Let me ask you, did adversity and frustration creep in when you started praying like this?  Do not be discouraged, there is hope.
“And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide Himself any more, but your eyes will constantly behold your Teacher.” (Isaiah 30:20 AMP)
In other words, God’s not going to let us go through this without His help.  We can tell He is visible in the situation because favor is measurable.
Our challenge and part is to continually look to Him for the answers and what we are to do in each situation.  This is often hard, because we think we handle it on our own.
Even if you think you know what to do, don’t assume it’s the thing God wants.  My husband knew to call our mechanic, but that’s not where the favor was. By praying and asking God for wisdom, the Holy Spirit led us to the other side of town.
Although we may not always be taken out of a situation, we can always overcome it by listening to God while in adversity. We are strong and getting closer to our goals.  This is a defining moment along our journey, not a time to get lax or quit.
As long as we fix our eyes on the World's Best Teacher, the Lord will help us to stay calm as he shows us the moves we need to take. 

by Christian Kalambaie

        Until next time, listen to the Teacher and favor will find you.

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“Go this way, I’ll be there with you.”

– Jesus Christ

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