Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Home Lights

It was the hottest Sunday afternoon in July I can remember.  The heat wave of 98+ degrees (and the heat index being well over 100) was now into its third week with no sign of relief.  Despite the sweltering temperature and our car a/c being kaput, it was time for us to retrieve our entries from the county fair. 

When we entered the expo building you could feel it get even hotter. It was actually cooler outside than it was in there.  Hoping to make this a quick haul, my husband gathered our entries from the exhibit bringing them over to a table where I could match the claim tickets with each item.  

Trying to stay cool inside the building was impossible.  I could see my husband getting overheated with perspiration dripping off him in buckets.

Holding his hand to his side it looked like someone turned on a faucet as sweat ran down his arm and trickled off his pinky finger.  So much water ran off him it made a puddle on the floor and little children were a splashin’ and a jumpin’ in it … not really but it sounded funny and you get the picture of just how hot he was. 

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Pretty Woman 

After two hours we were done loading the car and had received the rewards of our labor.  On our way home I mentioned that we needed to stop at a grocery store to pick up some veggies for my greenie shakes.  “Oh … I need to get something to drink right now.” Hubby said.   

We never travel without water in the car, but at this point it was rather warm.  Since we hadn’t eaten anything that day I suggested that he also get a burger to tide him over until we got home.  McDonald’s was right across the street from the food market so we decided to stop there. 

Usually I wait in the car for him since I don’t eat anything there but pancakes and ice tea, but with the heat I figured it would be better to go inside.  Opening the door of the restaurant there were a few others standing in line. Trying to get out of their way I stepped to the side so people could move to where they needed. 

I watched an attractive, well dressed couple as they took their order to the seat near the door. The husband was bubbly and outgoing.  I could hear his conversation to his wife about how they just got out of church.  She didn’t seem interested in what he was saying and returned to the counter for something. 

The woman had on a light weight short sleeve dress that was ankle length. It had a black background and lovely coral and green flowers that looked like something you’d see in Hawaii.  So pretty. 
I glanced down to see her feet and sure enough she actually had coral colored shoes that matched perfectly with the flowers.  Looking back at her hubby, he too was a “coordinate” with a bright coral dress shirt.  You can guess who dressed him that day. 

Waiting for my husband I debated as to whether or not I should say anything to her about her attire.  Then I remembered “if you can do something nice for someone it’s a sin not to do it” … not quite the way the Bible says it, but the same meaning.

As she walked by me I tapped her on the arm and said, “You look very pretty today.”  With a frown on her face and in a low pitched growl she uttered, “Thanks” and walked away. 

I wasn’t judging her but observing and got to thinking maybe she’s having a bad day or something like that; we all have them.  On the other hand, if that’s her normal light for Jesus, best she not tell anyone she’s a Christian and let her candle dimly simmer under a bushel. 

Pow – Wham – Bam! 

A few minutes later we were in Aldi’s and I headed right to the produce aisle. Hubby had the cart so he could lean on it and went to the meat section.   Rounding the freezers I saw him coming toward me with a smile on his face. He had been in a good mood lately and reaping the bounty from his labors at the fair elevated his spirit. 

With the buggy now in front of me I placed the fruit in the shopping cart, stacking three blueberry pint sized containers on top of one another.  Why I did that who knows, especially when the cart was almost empty and there was plenty of room for me to set them side-by-side. 

Noting his disapproval of my “Jenga berry stackage” hubby remarked, “Do you need to stack them like that?  They’ll fall when I move the cart and go everywhere.” 

Smiling as I spoke in a disagreeable like manner, “I don’t need to move them if you drive the cart properly.”  At that time neither of us knew we had an audience until a young female shopper standing by laughed and chimed in, “Yeah, don’t drive it like a man”.  

Then it happened … I should have seen this coming!  Every time my husband tries to be spontaneous something happens!  Playing along hubby jokingly stepped back from the cart raising both hands in the air as if he was surrendering and said: “Then you show me how to keep from spilling that wobbly stack of blueberries”.  

With arms flailing backwards, hubby felt an impact on his left arm and hand.  POW … Wham … Bam!  Turning around he saw that he had just clocked an elderly gentleman (an innocent bystander to the whole conversation) smack in the face and chest.  Oh my, not again … reality hits you hard bro’.  

By now the lady and I were laughing even harder as we watched hubby’s face go into shock when he realized what he did.  He felt so bad and quickly went into action apologizing.  The man slowly moved around our cart to the other side of me into the “safe” zone. 

Reassuring my husband that he was fine he said, “It’s ok, we’ve all done it.  No damage.”  The next thing we witness was hubby turning into Leon (the five year old who offers everyone a bite of his sandwich on the Andy Griffith Show) as he held out his hand with the Dr. Pepper in it asking the victim if he wanted a sip of his soda!  Absolutely hysterical!  

Got Light? 

On our ride home we talked about the two incidences that happened within minutes of one another.  One was a self-proclaimed church goer and for some reason beamed the light of a poor witness.  The other we don’t know his religious position, but he was a pure delight and joyously beamed as he left our presence. (He was probably glad to get away safely!) 

It was those events that drew me back to what I had begun studying at the end of June before we started this “Discipled by Jesus” journey.  When I talked it over with my husband he remarked that “You already wrote about the woman at the well.” 
Well he was right to some degree, but I didn’t go into what happened after the Samaritan woman left her encounter with Jesus. 

When I was putting my thoughts together for writing "Discipled by Jesus", I came to a complete halt when I read verse fifteen of Matthew chapter five.  One word stopped me from moving forward and has kept me in that position for some time trying to implement the Word that was revealed to me that day. 

Salt & Light 

People had been witness to the works of Christ all over Israel and it was in His sermon on the mount where we learn how disciples of the Lord should act. 
Jesus had already gone over the attitude of a believer and was now focusing on the behavior of one that claims to be His follower.
In this passage Christ uses the analogy of salt and light in His description of what disciples should look like to an unbeliever. 

13 “You (speaking to the followers) are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. 

14 “You (followers of Me) are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. (Matthew 5:13-16 NKJV) 

That phrase “all who are in the house” is what took me back a bit, but the word house is what really got me.  Sure it’s easy to put on a happy false face spreading oodles of sunshine to those we encounter each day, but what happens when we go back to our own homes?  I know there have been times where I’m in a perky mood, spreading smiles and joy wherever I go, but when I got home my bright light was turned off by something silly that ticked me off from my husband. 

When I read the chapter on the woman at the well the first thing I noticed is what happened when she received the Light of Jesus into her life.  Like a glorious fire cracker lighting up the sky, exhilaration exploded from her because of what she had learned and received from the Lord.  She rejoiced and couldn’t wait to spread the news of her transformation. 

Immediately upon her leaving the presence of Christ, the Samaritan woman sang the praises of Jesus and beamed like a city on a hill … people couldn’t help notice her coming with that huge Light that shined brightly within her heart. Scriptures tell us that the entire city took notice, and her good works of sharing the gospel message of Christ shown all about leading them to believe on the Lord as the only true Messiah. 

“Now many Samaritans from that city believed in Him (Jesus) and trusted Him as Savior because of what the woman said when she testified.”  (John 4:30 AMP) 

She first approached the well somberly with no light shining, much like that lady in McDonalds.  We know the Samaritan lady knew the scriptures, because she even mentioned to Jesus about the coming of a KING who would save them.  By the time she left speaking to the Lord, the Light now living inside her was so bright that it changed her own household.  In other words, “it gave light to those who were in her (city and) house. 

So for several weeks I’ve been really watching how I respond to anything and have been diligent in my prayer life asking for God’s help when it came to being a Light for Jesus, especially in my own home.   

“Hear, O Lord, be gracious and show favor to me; O Lord, be my helper.” (Psalm 30:10 AMP) 

Although I’m generally in a good mood, sometimes being that shining light Jesus expects has been difficult, especially with my father going to Heaven so recently. 

I’ve seen a difference in my husband and myself.  In turn, God has heard my prayers and has blessed us with favor in many areas, because the “spiritual salt” in our house has renewed flavor. God’s favor rested on us and He confirmed the work of our hands. 

“… and let the gracious favor of the Lord our God be on us; confirm for us the work of our hands. Yes, confirm the work of our hands.”  (Proverbs 90:17 AMP) 

“Blessed and greatly favored are those who dwell in Your house and Your presence; They will be singing Your praises all the day long. Selah. (Psalm 84:4 AMP)

This Week’s Challenge:
New Home Lights 

Our home is continually being updated with new light bulbs.  For some time now my husband has been going through the house trying to improve on the lighting.  With all the new regulations it’s hard to find something that is bright enough for me for writing and yet suitable for regular room needs.   

Finding that perfect brightness isn’t always easy, and neither is it when it comes to being spiritual Lights to others.  This is where our challenge comes in for this week. 

What is the wattage of light in your home spiritually?  Is your bulb about a 25 watt nightlight only giving dim shadows at night and barely being visible in the daytime?  Or are you a floodlight blasting tons of watts over the entire city where you live including your own household, causing all who come in contact with you to see the true Messiah?   

Largest light bulb watts 50,000 & 75,000 display
in the Edison & Ford Museum in Fort Meyers Florida
In 1954 General Electric produced a whopping 75,000 watt bulb in honor of the 75th anniversary of Edison’s light bulb invention.   Can you imagine how  bright that bugger was?  What would it be like if Christians were the brightest aspect of a city?  Even more, what if we were the bright spot in our own home? 

Maybe things have been rough going and you’re not in the mood to be that salt and light Jesus spoke of in the Bible.  God understands our weaknesses, failures, disappointments, hurts and sorrows.  Having this grace given Light from Him is an excellent example of why we can still be the disciples Jesus wants.  Through it all He will grant favor in places we least expect. 

Friends, stay seasoned in the freshness of God’s love and power. Make the most of every chance you get to share the message of Jesus by being the disciple “He loves” (as John said).  Don’t lose your light for the Lord, especially when it comes to those who live in your home.  

This week let’s revamp our spiritual lighting system and install New Home Lights that reflect our discipleship with Jesus.  Only when going through that transformation try not to bop anyone along the way. 

May your light shine brighter as your journey with Jesus continues … 

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Until next time, God’s favor makes our light shine brighter! 

“I will be gracious in My favor when you ask for help.”
Jesus Christ 

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