Friday, February 21, 2014

Stuck on H

For the past few weeks a few things have been stuck in my thinking. 

I thought perhaps the Lord was trying to get something amazing across and lavish me with His favor for spending more time with Him.

It got intense a few days and I just wouldn’t let it go. Thoughts of healing, hope and the heart were subjects I was dwelling on, but through it all God was showing me something I didn’t expect.  He wanted me to lighten up, take a time out and give it a rest!
We get so tied up in the struggles of this world that there doesn’t seem to be a time to find humor in anything.  When that happens, it’s a sign that we haven’t trusted God, and we are casting all our cares on our shoulders instead of His. 

OK Lord, I got the point. 
There’s a remedy for this according to scripture.  Contrary to what some people may have been taught God does have a sense of humor.  I can prove it; take a look at cats!

Welcome new friends this week from: (the USA) Tennessee, Virginia, New Jersey and Portugal, India, UK and Malaysia.
There was something “funny” going on this week.  Did you feel it? Our Inward Journey is about to get brighter.  Keep praying for your brothers and sisters of faith following Daily Favor from around the globe.

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Been Doing It
Apparently we took a new approach in the way we “do” things without realizing. This may seem a little out of season so I’ll have to explain.  Let’s go back in time to 2009.
We have gone from setting up a 9+ foot tree to a small 4 foot tall Christmas tree ever since we began caring for pets with special needs.  The tree we use now can easily be moved from one area to another and doesn’t have any breakable ornaments on it (no hooks either).

The tree was resting on a small table and placed in another room every time we left the house.  In 2009 the Christmas tree wasn’t displayed until a few days before the holiday.  Not being able to enjoy it for that long, I decided to take it down at the end of January (2010). 
Due to my mom’s home going we were called out of town, and would be gone for several weeks due to a blizzard. (see here)

Being backlogged with work upon our return home, the tree remained in the bedroom on a dresser.  For the next three months we had round the clock care for my diabetic dog, so the tree stayed in place.
During that time I began using it as a nightlight.  I rather liked the soft white twinkle lights.  Most of my writing is at night, so it was nice to be able to see without using a flashlight.  The tree didn’t bother me at all.

It Looks Weird
Here it is four years later and the tree was still on the dresser.  That is until last night.  Zoe is a 3 year old kitty that is undergoing medical attention for about 10 months. 
She got into the bedroom and played demolition on the tree, causing it to flip flop onto a space heater on the floor.
I was working at the time when I heard this crash, but didn’t know what it was.  As I rounded the corner I saw three little contributors (Zoe, Izzy & Yancy) scatter.
When I saw the tree dangling from the cord all I could do was burst into laughter. Summoning my husband to come take a look I asked him to grab the camera on his way into the room.  By the time he got there the accused were nowhere to be found.

Working on our challenge of being excellent before the Lord. (from January 31, 2014 blog)
I had already decided it was time to take down the tree and actually get a small lamp.  Zoe was helping me keep my commitment or should I say, she helped put my plan into action by rushing things along.  How kind of her!
Last night when I went to bed it just looked weird … all that space.  You can even see the wall now. 

Topsy Turvy
Seeing the tree in its topsy turvy state reminds me of how my life has felt at times when nothing seems to be going right.  Finding the humor in the situation was healing to both my husband and me.

All the tension of the day drained from us and we let the comical side emerge.  Humor ministered to our souls.

Caring Less
The Bible says that having a cheerful heart (laughter and a good attitude) does a body good as if it were taking medicine for healing, and indeed it was just that last night.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” (Proverbs 17:22 NLT)
People get so serious that we sap the life out of all that is around us.  By doing this, we go against God because we aren’t acting in faith.
If you’re having a tough time of things right now, look at a cat. They really take the Word of God seriously and could “care less” about what’s going on around them.  To “care less” is to have less care, because they have no fear. Basically that’s the root of scripture isn’t it?

Don’t get caring less confused with carelessness or not caring, and I’m not saying pets aren’t concerned about their owners.  What I am saying is that they don’t care about material things of this world.
Zoe wasn’t a bit interested in the cost of the tree or whether it would damage anything if it fell.  Actually, the only thing that I’ve noticed she values is her relationships and isn’t that what we should value also?

Our inward journey should be concentrating on how our relationship with God stands.  Have you ever talked to God about the funny side of His world?  I’ve often wondered about it, and have spoken to Him with some of my ponderings.
Many people think of God as being this stuffy, bossy Deity that only wants to thrust punishment on those who get out of line.  If we studied the Bible we would realize that’s not how He operates at all.

As a matter of fact, we know He does have a fun side because He has attended a few parties and festivals that have been recorded.  I’ve often wondered if He laughed when He caused the donkey to speak or at some of the names Adam called the animals.
How funny was it that Jesus told His disciple to go get the tax money out of a fish’s mouth?  Can you think of some things that He did that must have freaked people out, from the conversations we read in the Bible?

Does He ever call the angels over and say, “Hey, watch this.” as He does the extraordinary?  In my opinion, He has set the humor radar high when it comes to the life of a cat.
I suppose the moral of my lesson is:

"Never put off until tomorrow
what a cat can take care of today."

This week’s challenge:
Find humor in the little things and relax.  Laugh a little!
Laugh with God. 
In your quiet time find things you can laugh about with the Lord. It won’t be as difficult as you think, trust me.  

"God made me laugh."
Genesis 21:6 tells of a time where God caused Sarah to laugh when He did a miracle in her life.  Everyone else thought it was crazy for her to have a child at age 90, but not God. 
Now He could have given her that child when she was younger, but didn’t.  I imagine there were some belly laughs going on don’t you think?
Laugh at yourself. 

Learn not to take everything so seriously.
Yesterday morning is an example of learning to laugh at your own shortcomings.  This was a conversation between my husband and me:

Him: “Lily is on the couch.  It’s her new morning thing.”
Me: “I’m not avoiding you!”

I have no idea what I thought I heard, but obviously it wasn’t what he said.  Our morning began with laughter because it reminded us of what Jeff Allen had said about his wife. (I put the clip below for you.)

It wasn’t about what he said, but about what she thought she heard him say. 
Laugh with someone.  

My husband and I laugh a lot. It’s not something we planned along our journey, but just happened. 
For years I’ve told him he missed his calling when it comes to making people laugh.  I tell him there’s no excuse, because I give him so much material!
God doesn’t want us stuck on anything. Frustration, confusion or tension isn’t in His make-up. 

As we’re working through this journey it’s important to realize that we’re not going to learn everything at once.  Our time spent with God will develop day by day, and pressing forth sometimes means stopping to take it all in for a spell.

Instead of watching those old reruns or drama programs, take a week off and focus on the humorous side of life.  If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few clean Christian stand-up comedians that you can watch on You Tube or rent a DVD from your local library.
I’ve selected seven, which is the perfect number of God and gave you the links below for you to watch throughout the week.
If we are to grow closer to the Lord, we need to learn more about our creator.  God is the One who created laughter and our sense of humor, so it stands to reason that He also lets out a chuckle or two doesn’t it?

What are some things that make you laugh?  Why not share them with the Lord?  After all, He’s the One that programmed the mind of a cat.  Now that’s funny in itself.
“Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing. Then they said among the nations, “the LORD has done great things for them.” (Psalm 126:2 NKJV)

Humor is a gift from the LORD.  Use it for His glory so others may see the great favor and blessings He has done for you.

If My Nose Was Running Money - Aaron Wilburn

Until next time, favor God’s gift of humor.


7 Days of Humor

Tim Hawkins: Hand Raising and Hand Sanitizer (I actually went to a church that did this)
Mike Williams: Stupidity Is A Gift Part 1 and Part 2

Jeff Allen:  "Happy Wife, Happy Life" and "Marriage Counseling" (this is the one I was referring to earlier)
Bob Stromberg: Shadow Puppet and My 50 Year Check Up  

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