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Did you ever wonder how hobnail milk glass was made? To be honest, I really never thought too much about the "how to" part but really liked its appearance. It... 


How to Make A Washcloth Travel ToteHow to Make A Washcloth Travel Tote

Quite a few years ago I began making washcloth travel totes.  With the strict regulations in airlines, these travel companions work well.  Not only are they good for long distance excursions, they're  great for little overnight trips, camping, sleep-overs, etc. 
You'll find all the information you need in a step-by-step guide for making this craft for yourself or gifts.  Click on the link for details.  How to Make A Washcloth Travel Tote

Over the years I have made a lot of crafts, especially for my family. I can honestly say that this has been my favorite and has meant the most to me. If you're...
Anytime we can spend time with our children is an opportunity to teach.  Helping kids find their niche in life can be difficult.  Hands on activities can assist a child in discovering their gifts and talents. 
On Woodworking Kits for Kids you'll find all levels of projects that you can do with your children or they can work independently.  Click on the link for a variety of kits for you and the family.   Woodworking Kits for Kids

Wedding Accessories that Work

How to Make A Wedding Tissue & Lipstick PouchHow to Make A Wedding Tissue & Lipstick Pouch

I don't think I've even been to a wedding where someone wasn't shedding a tear of joy for the newly married couple. 

Tissues or handkerchiefs are practically a given necessity at such an event.  This is one reason why I created the wedding tissue/hankie & lipstick pouch. You can learn how to make it from my website listed here. How to Make A Wedding Tissue & Lipstick Pouch

Storage & Supplies

Craft Storage Containers with HandlesCraft Storage Containers with Handles

Easy Organizer Solutions Using Snapware Snap 'N Stack Storage Containers If you are a big craft person like I am, you know that part of the problem...

A Tool Bag for Anyone We had learned about a grand opening of a hardware store in the community. With all the closings of businesses and shortages...

Storage Ideas for Narrow Hallways

Storage Ideas for Narrow Hallways

Not being able to get organized due to lack of space is really a bummer. For the longest time I had plenty of space for everything I needed. That all changed

Fun with Crafters

Southern Belle Quilting Clubs

Southern Belle Quilting Clubs

Quilting may have been part of the past, but it is quickly making a big come back. Competition is great and these talented sewers gather from all over the world...  Southern Belle Quilting Clubs › quilting


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