Monday, July 1, 2019

Be Nice to Jersey Week

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It's "Be Nice to New Jersey" week!  Much has been said about this beautiful little state that qualifies it rightly so as being the true Garden state in North America.

If you've never been to New Jersey, summer would be the best time of year to taste the treasures that make it the true "garden" place among the states.  The tomatoes and fresh corn especially,

Visit the historical sites throughout the state, or farmland produce markets in the southern areas.  Be sure to allow time for visiting the various Jersey shore points for great entertainment and fine dining.  Don't forget to try the famous boardwalk fries too!

You can really have fun in the sun walking the sandy beaches or strolling the boardwalk piers.  Watch it come to life at night with live entertainment and rides for all ages. 

While at the shore, drop by the shops for some special gifts and souvenirs you can only get in Jersey.  Don't forget those post cards you promised to mail!

Get a kick out of watching candy makers while they make homemade fudge or mouthwatering salt water taffy.  Be sure to bring extra home to your friends and family.

If you like boating, water skiing, fishing, camping or trailing, NJ is a fantastic place to bring the family on vacation.  Be sure to bring your camera. 

Everyone is welcome so why not plan a trip?  Once you've visited being nice to Jersey will come easy!

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