Friday, September 19, 2014

Planting Word Seeds

“How is everything going? How is your husband?  I also have to say more importantly, how are you? 

When someone is poorly they often forget someone looking after them.”
That was the kind message I received from a friend named Steven also known as @themovingroad on Tuesday September 16th after we had gotten back from the doctor’s with a new report that we didn’t like.
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Planting for a Harvest
Steven has been such an encouragement throughout this outer part of our journey.   He has been planting uplifting words into our spirit even though he has never met us.  Those words were seeds planted before we knew we would need them.
Quality verses Quantity
Tuesday’s list of cardio professionals we would have to visit was a bit tiring for my husband and they lasted several hours.  We could feel a difference in the atmosphere as soon as we walked into the heart clinic.  Everyone seemed tense and rushed off their feet, especially the heart technicians.
When my husband was standing on the scale we learned why the staff seemed so aloof to the patients.  They were running behind because of a sales luncheon from a pharmaceutical company.
It was time for the extension of the doctor’s “right arm for counsel” heart specialist, to give his follow-up instructions concerning the condition of how hubby’s heart was doing.  He went through the list of medications and new blood work results.  The blood thinner medication Warfarin would have to be increased again as we suspected after seeing the results of the test.
Immediately when the cardio nurse specialist came into the room I felt strange, because he brought in a spirit of doom with him.  One of the first things out of his mouth was,
 “We’re going to concentrate on quality not quantity of life.” 
You can imagine what that sounded like to us. My husband and I looked at one another and all the questions we had didn’t seem to matter. 
A few minutes later he repeated the same thing. What was he saying? We had lots of questions, but neither of us dared to ask them not wanting to give voice to the bad report.  Quantity? What does that mean, quantity?  We knew what it meant, but refused to believe the report.
Be Careful Little Ears
I remember learning a song in Sunday School when I was a child, “Be Careful Little Eyes What You See.” There is another verse that tells us that we are to be careful what we receive in our ears as well.  This wasn’t something my ears wanted to hear, and so I shut off everything he said after that initial announcement.
That night was not a good one for either of us.  For days I hadn’t gotten much if any sleep because of how my husband was feeling.  Lack of sleep was working on my immune system and something was trying to manifest itself in me.
The words of encouragement from Steven and others resounded in my spirit helping me to resist all the devil was trying to do.  By Thursday a fever came on and sent me to bed stopping me from being able to minister to my husband.  I knew it was from exhaustion, but what else could I do being the only one to care for my spouse.
Illness brings out a strange side in us. People are concerned at the beginning, but only the few gems remain to see you through.  That’s why, like Steven’s word seeds, your messages and prayers have been such help to us.  We gladly listen to those words that line up with what we’ve been praying throughout this part of our journey.
Voice in the Night
Last night while I was sleeping the Lord ministered to my spirit. 
He gave me a message.  “Instead of thinking on
“Be still and know I Am God, think this: KNOW I AM STILL GOD.”
That message didn’t line up with what the Word of God said, so I thought.  I questioned it right away, because the Holy Spirit never goes against the Word.  Then God gave me this verse as confirmation:
“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” (John6:63 NKJV)
Then God revealed to me the way I was thinking, especially when it came to the bad report.  In my reply to someone I even said, “We’re not going to receive the doom news, but believe God.” 
When we are to “be still”, the Holy Spirit showed me that it is a Word from the Lord concerning comfort.  When I am still I am not fretting or worrying.  God was explaining that His comfort is always there, but I needed to remember that there is never a time that He isn’t God.  It’s easy to forget that truth when someone tries to plant words of doubt into our lives.
God was reminding me of the seeds of life that were planted into my life when I received Jesus.  He gives all who believe seeds of an abundant life. Anything that isn’t of God is a bad seed that I don’t want and need to refuse to allow it to take root.
“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I (Jesus) came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abuandance (to the full, till it overflows). (John 10:10 AMP)

Right after I was awakened with this message God also reminded me of something He said to me on Wednesday while I was in the kitchen. “It’s going to be alright.”  I wasn’t even in conversation with Him at the moment, but that word of encouragement was dropped into my soul and sustained me.
Not only had God said it once, but twice!  The message in the night was the Lord reassuring me of what He had spoken and not to believe anything less.
The Seeds Determine the Harvest
When I woke up my husband told me of the phone calls he had received.  A friend of ours had called to make sure he had eaten breakfast.  She knows how hard of a time I’ve had with hubby trying to get him to eat so the medicine would absorb properly into his system.  God allowed her to be a back-up, so to speak, to help keep things going while I was out of commission for a day.
We can have strong faith, but when something is coming against us we may not always think clearly. That is why we need to have people who speak words of agreement with us when we are down.
Over the past weeks our seeds of faith have been tested. By planting God’s Words into our lives before this happened I know what God revealed to me is true, because He never lies.  The seed in my heart determined my harvest of belief.
In our inner journey we practiced what it meant to “Be still” and let God be God. Our outer journey is measurable and others can see if we are failing in our faith walk.  It’s easy to slip and slide when the devils fire darts are being thrown at us.
This is another reason why God was reminding me that He is still God, always was and always will be God.  He was giving me His Word seeds of encouragement.  If I truly believed Him my actions would reveal it and others could see my trust or lack of it in the seed words I spoke.
You Are Special
My husband and I have not responded to those negative words by the specialist, so they would not become a part of our thinking.  To us he didn’t speak words of life or value, therefore we didn’t receive it as wisdom, comfort or encouragement.
This doesn’t mean we neglect what the cardio tech said in care or treatment, but that with that care we chose to believe God for complete healing and long life.

In the course of a day, all of us have lots of opportunities to plant negative word seeds into the life of everyone we interact with during that twenty four hour period.  What words are you planting? Are you planting words of encouragement or words of doubt?

A well know Christian, author C.S. Lewis, once said that in the course of life, We meet no ordinary people in our lives.”  That means every person God allows to come into our life is special.  How are we treating them?  Our words speak the way we actually feel about someone.

God has been faithful to His Words by sending favor through His servants.  We recognize that each and every one of you are so special and bring good things into our lives through prayer, support and your wonderful words of life.

This Week’s Challenge:

 Planting Words

Every word we speak is a seed to life or death.  We are instructed to speak life into people and that’s what we are going to do.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue (your word seeds), and those who love it (meaning love life) will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV)

No doubt you will be talking to someone within minutes of reading this, whether it is verbally or sending a message by Internet.  This challenge is to take effect immediately, without delay because it will have an effect on your life sooner than you think.  If you love your life, you will change your words to favor God’s without hesitation.
“Be careful little tongue what you say, for the Father up above is looking down with love, so be careful little tongue what you say.”
Instead of replying to someone with words that don’t carry weight with God, begin planting word seeds that are packed with power, faith and love. Speak life, encouragement and hope. 

God is watching and listening to what you are bringing into the lives of others.  Let our words be measured as seeds of life, love and encouragement.

Wonderful Words of Life [Live]
Until next time, God’s Words are His favor.

Check Messages throughout the week.

“Know that I Am still God.”

– Jesus Christ


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