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Begin in Favor: Part 3

Recapping our lessons, we’ve learned that as believers we are chosen for Holy favor, and that attracts favor from mankind.  

However, in order to walk in continual favor from the Lord, it comes with a price.  That is, we have to obey God and follow His rules in pursuing the path He has laid out for us from before we were born, which sometimes can be quite difficult.

One of the most important aspects we learned is that all of this is tied to a certain “key” for favor, and that is vision.  God explains in His Word that without vision, a road map to life, people literally die because they aimlessly wander with no destiny in mind.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18 KJV)

I made this statement that I still firmly believe, “Your vision key is attached to God’s favor, and that comes with helping Him fulfill His plan for leading souls to Christ.”  Favor has a purpose, and it isn’t so we can get stuff or have things go our way.

When God sees you have a passion for winning souls, He makes sure that doors of opportunity open so that favor can take place on the situation.  Dreaming the impossible dream is no longer just a dream or impossible, because with God, all things are possible.

“Jesus said to him, if you can believe, all things are 
possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NKJV)

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Mirror Image

Little princesses, fairy tales and superheroes are fantasies that we read about in books or see on a screen of some type. Although they may be reality in the Disney world for kids, dreaming of being someone beyond what we see in the mirror is not meant to be fiction.

We all grow up dreaming; it’s part of our DNA.  No one enters life without having dreams of being “somebody” special.  Even those who may have physical or mental limitations have desires no one else knows of but their Creator God.

There’s something inside us that cannot be explained, but is felt deeply.  From the moment our brain connects things with words we begin to envision ourselves in roles that we cannot fully comprehend, yet we dream on anyway.

Why is that?  Is what we dream implanted in our spirit from creation or is it something we think of ourselves?  Does God send messages through our thoughts even when we cannot understand what they mean?  Are they signs of what could be or what is to come?

We dream and have grand visions of what life could be because of “imaging.”  It is instinct to think of things on a larger scale based on the truth we were created in God’s image.  He doesn’t think small, and there are no limits to what He can do.

In our minds, mankind thinks like God does in imagining the impossible.  However, when it comes time to put the plan into action, that’s where things get complicated and we put the brakes on our dreams. 

Somewhere between the brain and the hand our vision often gets blurred or lost.  It’s still in there, but we start believing the obstacles are too great so this must not be God.

Instead we seek other avenues trying to capture what we “think” is real, when in fact, it’s a lie from the devil.  We allow fear to cripple our dreams and forget to trust the One who gave us the dream in the first place.

Dream On

There is a phrase that plenty of girls, including myself, have used when it comes to certain persistent boys/men.  If a guy that I wasn’t interested in asked me out or he was acting like a jerk, I’d simply respond to his request for a date, “In your dreams” or “Dream on buddy, it’s not going to happen!”

In other words what he was expecting or hoping for was more than just unlikely to happen, it was pure fantasy on his part.  The reason this dream never became a reality is because it wasn’t in my plans. 

Only when dreams are joined together with a greater source do they ever come to fruition. However, when they are united with the Dream Giver – Jesus, they become bigger than ourselves and more than we could have ever dreamed!

I’d like to share a story that revealed the heart of man to me when it comes to our inner being knowing there is a Living God.  Whether or not mankind admits it is another thing. 

Now bear with me.  I’ll get to the point; but first journey back in time with me.

If I were to ask if you knew of a man called Steven Victor Tallarico you probably wouldn’t have a clue to who he is.  What if I mentioned the name Steven Tyler or Aerosmith, would that hit a cord?  Even if you don’t follow secular music, there are certain songs that we recognize just because they follow artists throughout their careers.

There was a reason this particular person caught my interest.  When Tyler was starting out professionally, his newly formed band purchased sound equipment from a local band from South Jersey (so you can see why), which had broken up and sold off their possessions including their music.  This attributed to the controversy about the famous recording of Dream On. 

Anyway, I don’t want to get sidetracked, but wanted to share how I got interested in this in the first place.  Maybe strange, but that’s what happened and I believe it was for a reason.

This isn’t about the song, but how the song was inwardly connected to the man and the dream that once was.  I’d like to focus on a few lines that Steven (supposedly) wrote, before I go into more detail. Take a look.

“Every time that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone, it went by like dusk to dawn
Isn’t that the way, everybody’s got the dues in life to pay …”

The Bible tells us that what is in our heart (motive) will eventually be revealed or show itself publicly.  I truly believe this is true, and is connected to whether or not we fully live out our dreams or vision for our life.

“What goes out of the mouth comes from the heart. And that’s what contaminates a person in God’s sight. Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adultery, sexual sins, thefts, false testimonies, and insults.” (Matthew 15:18-19 CEB; also 1 Corinthians 4:5; Proverbs 18)

Reading the lyrics, this sounds like a person who has come to grips with life and how they’ve had to fight their way to the top doesn’t it?  Now things really weren’t making sense.  Why would a teen be talking about the wrinkles on his face or paying dues in life when he barely was out of puberty?

“As face mirrors face in water, so the heart reflects the person.

 Sheol and Abaddon (hell) can never be satisfied; so the eyes of mortals (desire for material things) can never be satisfied.” 
(Proverbs 19-20 NABRE)

What if I told you that these so-called profound lines were penned by a gifted seventeen-year-old, poking at an upright piano in his parent’s living room in New Hampshire while he was high on cocaine?  Would that change the way you felt?

I read a comment from a former drug user that said how they felt and how their life was fashioned after false dreams that drugs create in their mind.  That wasn’t “news” especially understanding the conditions.

The thing that really got me wondering why Steven wrote “Dream On” came from something else he wrote. It gave insight to what he already knew in his heart, but chose the wrong path anyway.

“… I know, it’s everybody sins …
Half my life’s in books’ written pages
Lived and learned from fools and sages”

Okay, so was this lad referring to the sages as in the wise where their motto is to think before you act?  He certainly wasn’t referring to sage as in the herb or it’s uses, because why else would he compare it to a fool?

Was he aware of the pages or books recorded by God as in the Lamb’s book of life or recording of deeds in one’s lifetime?  Let’s look at the last bit.

“… All the things come back to you …
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away.”

Here’s the thing, obviously this boy had dreams of being a successful musician.  He also mentioned his musical father and “imagined” what it would be like following in his footsteps, but on a grander level. 

Anyone could tell there was favor on his talents, yet he felt the need to include the “good” Lord in the unfinished sonnet.  Seemingly there was an understanding of God’s character, and that there was a possibility of his dreams being snatched away for some reason.

When interviewed this superstar said that the song took over six years to write, and it was about hungering to be somebody.  Did you notice the wording he used, “hungering” not wanted or hoped to be someone, but hungered as in having an appetite (yearning) for something he couldn’t put his finger on at his tender age.

Confessions of the Heart

At the time of its origin this was all in the not so famous Tallarico’s imagination; he never expected the lyrics to actually become a song, much less the thing that would define his future.

In later interviews Steven's confessions from the heart revealed how his dreams would be squashed or sideswiped by choices in life.  

He pronounced the same thing as a once young Ringo Starr, “It didn’t come easy”, claiming that there were plenty of struggles in trying to reach the top. 

That’s actually normal for anyone who has big dreams, but it doesn’t mesh with what Tim Tebow claims happened in his life or as I recall, some other “favored” people for that matter.  Something is different and I sense Steven Tyler was referring to more than the music scene rocking his world.

What went wrong for this current day senior citizen or did anything?  Was there any “sage” wisdom gained from his rise to stardom?  Is it possible that the Holy Spirit was trying to warn the younger Steven on a level he had not known, even though there was no evidence of salvation?  

Could it be that there is no escaping the truth that mankind was made in the image of God, and that we have an inner awareness of our Creator when it comes to morality, dreams and vision? 

Does favor from God look different than favor from man, and does it even matter in the end?

This Week’s Vision Challenge:
Open Another Door

It looked like this particular talented musical artist had begun in an environment for favor. Doors did open, but were they the ones God intended? 

Anyone can see he has blasted through the airwaves on the stairway to heaven (no, that was someone else …)

Like Steven, shouldn’t we take all the opportunities we can get in achieving our goals, dreams and vision for what we want in life?  Actually, no.  Not all doors will lead you to your desired end.

Even some good opportunities may not necessarily be the right ones for you, and possibly delay or dispose of your vision entirely.  This is why it’s vital not to lose sight of the real God-given dream by settling for less.

You may rise to fame, but at what cost and will it truly make you happy?  When God is in your dreams and vision, the sacrifices you make won’t cost you your soul.

This week go back to the drawing board of your dream vision and see if there is a place where you should have opened another door.  Don’t get caught up in the past mistakes, but in prayer ask God for His forgiveness.  Then pick yourself up and step out the right door this time.

You know, somewhere in our life we have all opened a wrong door or two, and walked down paths that have taken us off course.  We're no different than the next guy when it comes to wanting to live out our dream.  

Without judging or finding fault we can ask ourselves this same thing:

Was the path Steven (put your name here instead) chose to travel for success really the vision he once had to “dream on, before the good Lord takes him away,” or has his heart actually confessed something else?  Find out as we continue the series “Begin in Favor” on Daily Favor Blog

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Until next time, be wise to God’s favor.

God’s wisdom will lead you to His favor.
- Jesus Christ

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