Friday, June 3, 2016

Until It Clicks

Seems I'm not alone in this!
All day long I was feeling uncomfortable. It wasn’t from something that was going on, although it was during a stressful time.  My clothes just didn’t seem to fit right and the neckline was tighter around my throat than usual.  

Throughout the day my dress straps kept falling off my shoulders.  I couldn’t figure out why it was happening, but it did cross my mind “maybe I’m losing weight.”  Wishful thinking was all that turned out to be. 

It wasn’t until 11:30 P.M. when we were giving Jewel her last feeding for the day that it clicked in my mind. Sitting down to get into position to hold Jewel, her paw got caught on my clothing label.  When I tried to loose her I noticed that my dress was on backwards and I’d worn it that way all day! 

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Backward Thinking
When it comes to doing things backwards, I’m not at the head of the class for that lesson.  Once I’ve learned something I generally stick to that for pretty much - forever!  After all, who wants to relearn what you’ve already learned right?  Well … not me ... at least that's what I thought. 

Learning to undo what you’ve known to do for a lifetime is practically impossible, that’s what Destin Sandlin from Smarter Everyday said when it came to his “backwards” thinking. 

Several years ago some co-workers played a practical joke on him by rebuilding what looked like a “normal” bicycle.  His friend Barney challenged Destin to ride the new bike.
What seemed like a simple task turned out to be impossible, because his brain had already been programed to ride a bike in the traditional fashion. 

What was the trick?  Barney had made only one change on the bike; when the handlebars turn to the left the bike goes right and vice versa.   Learning to ride would take intense focus and months of reprograming his way of thinking.  Finally eight months later Destin was able to ride the “backwards” bike. 

Technically it wasn’t backwards, but the opposite of what he had learned from the way a regular bicycle should function.  Even though Destin already knew the principles of riding a bicycle, he discovered knowledge isn’t always understanding, at least it wasn’t in this case.  

He had to change his “think” pattern in order to process the new information.  This is something that most of us don’t take to easily.  Generally people hold on to what they "know" is comfortable, not like my backwards dress. 

Knowledge Isn’t Always Understanding 

When I watched this video it reminded me of how many believers view the Bible based on what they had been taught in the past.  We have knowledge of God and His Word, but not nearly the understanding that we should have when it comes to the favor of God we experience. 

In an evening Bible reading God led me to Psalm 30; a passage that I’ve read many times as I’m sure you have.  While reading through the chapter I paused and actually began reading the verses backwards or in reverse (opposite) order.  Specific words pinged my brains way of thinking. 

How many times have we been taught about the blessings of God, but not His favor?  My husband said that he couldn’t think of one time he heard a message on it or ever learned about it until I mentioned it (about 20 plus years ago).  It’s not discussed much because it’s rarely understood.  

Let me prove my point. Finish this verse: 

“…Weeping may endure for a moment, but ….” 

You know it don’t you.  “Joy comes in the morning."  It’s from Psalm 30:5.   

Did you notice I have three dots at the beginning of the verse?  That meant that something preceded it.  Can you tell me what it is?  Let me fill you in on the entire verse from the King James Version: 

“For His (Jehovah’s) anger endureth but a moment;
 in His (God’s) favor is life: weeping may endure for a night,
 but joy cometh in the morning.” 

How many times have you read through that passage and skipped over the first part not realizing that it was the key to the second part of the verse?  You may have had knowledge of the scripture, but did you have understanding to be able to live in the promise?  

Looking Backwards

There are some intriguing facts about this particular psalm that I’d like to share with you.  Did you know that it is the only psalm that isn’t referenced anywhere else in the bible?  Another interesting point is that the word favor used in verse five is the only time it is linked back to the book of Genesis referring to all living creation.   

If we were to understand what this verse really means we have to dig deep into the original texts. In Psalm 30:5 the word “endure” means to lodge, live, dwell in favor.

The word favor in this particular verse translates in Hebrew and Greek as the same.  “In His favor” means in God’s pleasure, delight, goodwill, acceptance of us, His voluntary Will, desire to do. 

Continuing in the origin of the phrase “In His favor is life” we learn that life pertains to being alive, living (all things living – plants, animals, humans), flowing fresh with life, reviving like in springtime, lively, active.   

Gaining Wisdom to Know  

When we cry out to Jehovah (Father God), relief in sorrow is obtained and joy succeeds weeping. Not just for eternity, but in our lifetime here on earth. 

Moving backwards to Verse 4 the word Saints literally means “favored ones endued with grace (favor)”.  Favored children are given more grace to lodge in God’s eternal favor, because we were never created to die and neither was any of His creation.  Sin caused something to happen in us that God never desired, willed or ordained. 

There is no day of creation that God created death or sickness, so it isn’t in His favor to “put it on” people. It’s the opposite of favor and backward thinking says these things are His will.   

Barnes Commentary Notes states this about Psalm 30:5 on Favor:  

“In his favor is life - It is his nature to impart life. He spares life; He will give eternal life. It is, in other words, not His nature to inflict death; death is to be traced to something else. Death is not pleasing or gratifying to Him; it is pleasing and gratifying to Him to confer life.  

His favor secures life; death is an evidence of His displeasure - that is, death is caused by sin leading to His displeasure. If a man has the favor of God, he is sure of life; if not life in this world, yet life in the world to come.”

What most miss is the comparison between a moment and lifetime.  God’s anger against our sin is brief, momentary when we repent.  His favor has no bounds or time limits. It is continual in this lifetime and forever. 

Our happiness and joy is inside of God’s favor on His children and that’s why our weeping is for a short time. If it wasn’t then we would never cease shedding tears. 

So it seems when it comes to the knowledge, understanding and truth about God’s favor, something new has to be introduced in our traditional way of thinking.  We may have to go backward in some of our teaching and re-learn what being a Christian really means; that may not be as easy as it sounds. 

In the meantime learn to recognize the favor God has given you through life itself as a child of His.  God’s Daily Favor provides mercy (Isaiah 60:10), preservation (Psalm 86:2 Hebrew), security (Psalm 41:11) and a covering shield (Psalm 5:12).  

Until this clicks in our thinking we cannot truly understand the joy that comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5). 

This Week’s Challenge:
Go Back Until Something Clicks 

At the end of the bike experiment Mr. Sandlin said he learned that truth is truth no matter what we think about it.  He makes a statement that we are programed with a bias and may not realize it.

The same goes for God’s Word. Whether we “get it” or not, the truth remains that we are favored. We just don’t know HOW favored we are by God. 

Our challenge this week will send us backward in our thinking and scripture reading when it comes to what we’ve learned about God’s favor from the beginning of our journey.  It may seem a little uncomfortable like wearing our clothes the wrong way round or riding a bike the opposite of how we’ve been taught, but until something clicks in our understanding life favor we have to keep at it. 

To start, read Psalm 30 for yourself and don’t get stuck on this being only about our life in Heaven.  The King was praising God for his renewed life through health, but dig deeper in your thinking since you now know what “favor” in this psalm really means.  It pertains to anything that has to do with your life “in” Him.  

When I was praying this psalm it related to our pets health at the time; they were “in” His favor from creation, that’s why God extended a covenant strictly to animals/creatures.  However these twelve verses include so much more than sorrow being exchanged for joy! I love that, but why only take part of the goodness, mercy and grace package when the whole promise belongs to all Saints (favored of God)? 

Be careful how you look at the Word of God when it comes to the way you’ve been taught, because at first you will be viewing it with an opinion whether you realize it or not.  Your mind will have to be reset on “clear” so you can look at it afresh. 

I know it may be hard, almost like learning to ride a bike again … but stick with it.  Stay on a passage until it clicks in your understanding to the point that it redirects the way you look at God’s Word for your journey with Jesus. Hopefully it won't take eight months, but only a short time like it did with Destin's son.

Where’s the inspirational song this week?  Every song on this passage left out the first part of the verse. There is no joy in the morning without God’s favor on the situation wouldn’t you agree?  Maybe someone will write one, however, until it clicks in their thinking I guess we'll just have to sing our own song of praise!
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Until next time, in God’s favor is life! 

“Favor has been My will from the very beginning.”
Jesus Christ

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