Friday, July 20, 2018

Fair Favor

I can't believe it's that time of the year again ... 


For months we prepare for this county event but there's plenty that can't be done too far in advance (like fresh flower arrangements). 

So I guess you know what hubby and I are doing right?

Those who have followed Daily Favor Blog for years know that hubby and I really support our local and state communities.  During this time in the summer we are busy getting things ready for the competition. 

Baking, crafts, veggies and floral entries take some time to get everything finished for the correct day each has to be submitted.  You should see our house .... no, that wouldn't be a good idea.  Anyway, you can imagine things everywhere for several weeks before competition.

Due to the hotter than usual weather we won't have as many entries as past years in the flower show, but worked on some that we hope will "fair" well in the competitions.  We prepared several arrangements in containers back in May like always, but some really needed reworking!

I'm so sad that ten of my mini rose bushes didn't make it over the winter, but pleased my favorite yellow one did.  That's gardening as some would say!

Please join us in prayer that the favor of the Lord will rest upon us and bless the work of our hands for "fair" judging. (from Psalm 90:17)  We've learned a lot about that recently in our In Sight of God and Man three part series.

I want to encourage you to use the gifts God has given you whether it is working with your hands, writing, speaking, teaching or anything else.  You can be a living testimony of Light for Jesus , because as His child you are favored by Him.

There's always something great happening at the fairgrounds, so check out what's going on in your community right now and get involved!

Read about some of my past entries in the Open Flower Show.  

My Somewhere Over the Rainbow Entry (over 75 fresh flowers in this!)

Until next time, may God favor the work of you hands.

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