Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Favor Series: Part 4

It's down to the wire when choirs are getting prepared for the big day - the Christmas program!

I love learning new songs and arrangements for the holiday season, but sometimes a sour note or two creep in and before you know it everything is off key.  Have you ever had days like that where it's hard to find a song in your heart?

Studying the scriptures we read about a young girl whose life was about to change.  Mary received a miracle of a lifetime, but in the world's eyes it could have ruined her.

What did Mary keep in her heart that caused Daily Favor to continually flow even in times of distress, trouble and certain danger?   What did she know that we should ponder in our hearts?

Read more about it and share our Christmas Favor series with someone who is in need of a miracle.

Christmas Favor Series 

Merry Christmas!

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