Friday, May 22, 2015

Blessing in Waiting

Did you ever try to do something you thought would be good, but it ended up backfiring? That’s what happened to me earlier this week. 

I was trying to accomplish two things in one outing, but it didn’t work.  Still working on last week’s challenge I needed a break from the house. 
In my thinking if I could drop off hubby at the cardio rehab for an hour, he could visit (not work out) and I could go do some errands in town.  Seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time.

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Turn Around Bright Eyes
The plan was set, so on Monday (May 18th, 2015) we visited the people who worked out during the same time schedule as my husband.  This way he could catch up on how they were doing and I would have someone watching him for about an hour.

We were there a few minutes and I was about to leave, when one of the nurses commented on how pale my husband was.  “You need to get him home right away and let him rest.  He shouldn’t be out yet.”
I thought he was looking better and the conversations would help his thinking.  His eyes were brighter and he was even laughing with one of his “buds.”  Nevertheless, I took her advice.  We turned around and I took bright eyes home.  Thus my errands never got done.

Litter Buckets for Jesus
Come Tuesday I needed to run a different errand, taking empty litter buckets to a lady who said she used them for nesting hens. 
At first the plan was to take my husband with me, but after the botched idea from yesterday I figured he would do better at home.  Surely he would be OK for an hour or so.
By now I was really getting agitated because I was falling behind on my work and home duties. To say that my attitude was sweet when I left the house would be misleading.  I needed to get so many things accomplished in a short amount of time and couldn’t afford any delays.
The time was set to meet in the Walmart parking lot at 11:00 am.  Nearly 20 minutes had passed and the lady was a no show, so I decided to give her a call.  She apologized that it slipped her mind and she would be there as soon as she could.
It was a nice day so I didn’t mind waiting in the car for a few minutes.  As I sat behind the wheel with one leg hanging out the door resting on the pavement, I watched the people in the car in front of me.  They seemed to be enjoying their time together, sisters I think, and were smiling as they talked.
After they went into the store I sat there listening to the sounds around me when I heard in my spirit, “You are waiting to be a blessing.”  Right then my impatient attitude was put into check, and I began to question how many times did God have to wait on me in order for Him to deliver a blessing?
I was chosen to bless a woman I met for about 20 seconds a few days before with something she wanted that I had.  God placed me in position to fill a need in her life that seemed really small to me, but it wasn’t to her.  Was my attitude going to show Christ or my desire to get this done in a hurry because I have stuff to do?

... I Listen and Learn
Forty-five minutes later she finally arrived and dashed out of her vehicle singing the sorry song.  I helped place the containers in the back of her truck and noticed another lady in the passenger seat.  Saying a quick hello, nice to meet you greeting, I was about to leave them when Alice explained why she was late.
Her sad story behind the migraines led back to her abusive adopted childhood and suffering head injuries.  Before long her friend and I struck up a conversation as well including why she didn’t attend church.  The verbal exchange opened a door for me to witness and share the gospel. 
As Alice continued, listening I began wondering if she really believed what she confessed she believed, so I asked her this question:  “Do you believe in God and that Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior?”
One told how she believed in God and that Jesus was His Son, but not the only way to Heaven.  Leaning into the cab of the vehicle I asked her friend of seventeen years, “Do you believe the way she does?”  Her response made me smile, because it clearly caught her off guard.  “This is the first I heard about that, I don’t know what she’s talking about. I believe Jesus is God’s Son and the way to Heaven.”
Glancing at my watch I noticed that it was 12:30 pm.  In a short time God had blessed me with being able to be a vessel He could use for a physical and spiritual need.  Who would have thought litter buckets could be used for sharing Jesus?

Burdens Are Lifted
It was Wednesday and I still needed to do those local errands, but this time I focused on a scripture that I had written down earlier that week.
In prayer I asked the Lord to “Hold up my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.” (Psalm 17:5 KJV)  The day went much better as you can imagine.
First we went to the bank, then to the pharmacy where I needed to pick up a case of Ensure for hubby because he still isn’t eating much.  As I was about to leave, the cashier grabbed the box and said, “I’ll carry that.”  When I told her it wasn’t heavy she insisted replying, “I need a break from here.”  
Boy could I relate, so I gladly praised her for lifting a burden from me as she placed the package in the back of the car.
I Don’t Work Here
During our last errand God allowed me to be a blessing to those around me.  All I needed to buy was a loaf of bread and strawberries, but you know how that goes.  While I was standing near the produce display an elderly lady came up to me and asked, “Does this store carry greeting cards?”  
Now let me give you a little clue to something.  I wear scrubs all the time (practically anyway).  With my scrub jackets I am often confused with being an employee at the hospital, store or place of business. 
Usually I tell people that I don’t work there and then give them the answer they want.  However, that day I just said, “No. We’ve talked about it at corporate, but nothing’s set in concrete yet.”
Of course I didn’t say that, but felt like it.  Instead I figured why bother wasting all those words and simply smiled while saying, “No they don’t.”  My husband suggested I get a name tag that says my name and “I don’t work here.” I came up with “You don’t need to know my name ‘cuz I don’t work here.”
Somehow I don’t think it would be God ordained, do you?

Favored to Share
It wasn’t a minute later when another shopper saw us looking at some rather unloved six inch potted plants that were marked down to forty-nine cents.  Our cart was loaded with sixteen (what appeared to be) rather weak tomato, pepper and basil hopefuls.
Those six inch pots range from $3.00 on up, but I didn’t pay that. 
The sale was only hours old. Do these plants look weak, battered and dead to you?  They are strong and healthy and were set aside for me to follow God’s path that day. 

My new friend whispered in my ear, “All they need is a little water.”  I saw her bopping up and down at the remaining selections.  Obviously she still wanted more plants, so I scoured the two sales carts for the best ones.  Then I took the selections she had made and placed them in the plastic carrying containers they came in originally, making it easier for her to tote them.
God had the store put those plants on quick sale not just for me, but so I would share the blessings and favor with others.  On our way home I took a side street to the cardio center to bless the nurses with beautiful and fragrant plants.
My week of being delayed and out of synch was not wasted, but allowed God to use “my goings” to be a blessing in waiting for those that would cross His path. 
“Hold up my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.”

This Week’s Challenge:
Be a Blessing in Waiting 

It’s easy to be a blessing to someone when it doesn’t take us out of our way or cost anything.  However, in order for us to receive God’s favor we have to be willing to share the bounty and goodness given to us with others without hesitation. 

Our challenge this week may seem corny, but it’s rather rewarding if you go about it with the “be a blessing” attitude.  The goal will be to bless as many people with a “favor sale” item as possible. 

As you walk around a place of business, take notice of some of the things God has put on sale for you.  These are bargain blessings with super sale prices like never before seen.  Is there someone (besides family) that could use the same item?  Pick up a few extra and be the blessing someone is waiting for along God’s path. 

Think of it like this.  If you needed the item anyway you would be paying full price for it, but God had plans for that particular thing this week.  The product isn’t on sale just so you can stock up on it for yourself.  The Lord wants you to share this favored price with someone who may have missed it. 
Those nurses were at work and the product was almost gone.  They would have never seen the plants, because it wasn't put before their eyes.  God wanted me to give those gals something they would have bought if given the opportunity.

When you deliver the item(s), be sure to share that you have been blessed, and that the favor of God was abundant in your household to be a blessing for His glory.  Go do something and be a blessing of favor this week.  

Enjoy the path that God places you on for someone else’s benefit.  You will discover that living a blessed life begins with a generous and obedient spirit.

I have been blessed

    Until next time, favor sales are waiting to share.

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“Favor will come in sales I ordain.”
Jesus Christ

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