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Brand new for the season in color trends. What are you looking to decorate or redo this year?  What colors and fashion decor is hot for this year?  Is this the right time to start over or just fix up what I have in home furnishings?  You can find out all your decorating questions for this year on my new Home Decor website. Take a look.

2015 Color Trends, Textures and Designs for Home Decor

2014 Color Trends, Textures and Designs for Home DecorThe trend in ideas, color, design and d├ęcor is simply "Shades of Gray & Back to Nature and Home." This season the market will be focusing on...

 Clearance & Bargain Winter White Sales

Clearance & Bargain Winter White SalesFor as long as I can remember, winter white sales have always been a hit. People flock to them hoping they can benefit from white sales bargains or clearances...
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Themed Bedding Sets

Some of the most beautiful bedding can be found here. I have picked each selection that I just love to share with you.  Hopefully you feel the same.

Gold Themed Bedding Sets

Gold Themed Bedding SetsOne doesn't have to be in the Olympics to Go for the Gold. Nor do you have to be "Royal" to sleep in kingdom like bedding. The most beautiful ideas in gold...

Silk & Satin Sheet Sets
Satin & Silk Sheet Sets I can still see the look on my friends face when he gave me silk sheets for a wedding present.  He had worked for my family for years, and was excited about the gift.  Gene went to New York City to get us this special present, but you don't have to.  You'll love these bed sets on my Silk & Satin website, and you don't have to travel to get them.  Satin & Silk Sheet Sets

Decorating in All White

Decorating in All White for 2014Since I was a young child I have always liked the "clean" fresh look of all white rooms, and I still do.  It seems I'm not the only one.  Take a look at the various styles, shades and designs using white in decorating your home...   white linens and decor trends

Bedding Sets for Kids & Teens

Polka Dot Teen Bedding & Bedroom MakeoverYou have come to the right SPOT if you love polka dots. Teens will love these new ideas when it comes to bedroom make-overs. Great ideas include Bed-in-A-Bag... polka dot teen bedding › favored1  

Pink Decor Accessories & Ideas

Pink Decor Accessories & IdeasI didn't start out looking for Pink Decor Accessories, but everywhere I looked they kept popping up in the store. Thinking Pink is a big deal in trendy decorating... Pink accessories › who is favored1

Kids Rooms by Their Design

Kids Rooms by Their DesignIsn't that what we all say? And isn't it because of that love we want our children to enjoy their bedrooms? Well, who knows a kids room better than a "kid."...  | best kids bedding                                


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