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Anniversary Staycation ~ A Date Night ExclusiveThe first week in July has always been a time where we try to get away for vacation. Our anniversary falls in that time period, so it usually works out great... | Anniversary staycation ideas › anniversary 

7 Super Summer Suggestions for Siblings

7 Super Summer Suggestions for Siblings7 Super Summer Suggestions for Siblings! Wow, that's a mouthful! Why did I pick this for my topic and title? Simple, I've experienced the summer 7's - I'm one... | 7 Super Summer Suggestions for Siblings › summer fun  

25 Things to Do on Snow Days

25 Things to Do on Snow DaysSnow, snow and more snow! It kept coming. We hadn’t planned on an extended trip back home, but God knew we needed to be with one another. All the kids... | How to have fun on snow days › board games for kids  

Be An Angel Day

Be An Angel Day What would you do if you could be an angel for just one day? You may say, "But Fay, I couldn't ever be one." Well, in a sense you can. On August 22nd of every...  | be an angel day › thank you cards 

Best Thomas Kinkade Puzzles

Best Thomas Kinkade PuzzlesPuzzles have always been a favorite hobby of mine. Whether it is at home or setting up a table in the classroom, somehow assembling a beautiful Thomas Kinkade...
| Thomas Kinkade Puzzles › jigsaw puzzles

You Blew It ~ Dice Games for Home & School

Have you ever felt that life sometimes is like a big game where you either make it or feel like You Blew It? I guess we've all been there, but the good thing... | you blew it › educational games

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