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Spring Bulbs and Perennials   Spring Bulbs and Perennials

Every spring around Mother's Day I get in the mood to shop for a new plant for my 
garden.  This year was no exception and I think I may have found a new perennial to enjoy.  Take a look at a few of my favorites in my new gardening find article. 

Open Flower Show

Open Flower Show

County fairs have been an anticipated event each year in the United States for years, and this year was no different. Surrounding areas joined in to see ... | Open Flower Show                                 


 DYI Luffa Sponges for Fun & Family


  Grow Your Own Luffa Sponge

Grow Your Own Luffa Sponge
 It's that time of year when we love to get outdoors and add new things to our gardens.  Why not try growing your own luffa sponges this year. 

Recycling ~ Go Green

Go Green - Recycle What You Already HaveGo Green - Recycle What You Already Have

It seems that everywhere you look you can see evidence of people "going green." This isn't really a new concept. For years people have tried to reuse or recycle...


Vegetables & Gardens


Artistic Fruits & Vegetables Competition

Artistic Fruits & Vegetables CompetitionOne of the best parts of participating in a county fair is being able to compete with your neighbors over who has the best gardens. Growing up in the garden... | Artistic fruits and vegetables competition › favored1

Yard Décor

Decorative Wooden Benches for Your Yard & Home

Decorative Wooden Benches for Your Yard & Home

After we moved into our home the first thing we did outdoors was to get the yard and gardens in order. When the job was complete we noticed that we didn't have...

2014 Color Trends, Textures and Designs for Home Decor2014 Color Trends, Textures and Designs for Home Decor

The trend for 2014 in ideas, color, design and décor is simply "Shades of Gray & Back to Nature and Home." This season the market will be focusing ... 2014 home decor colors › shabby chic


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