Friday, June 26, 2015

Discover Amazing

Birds are amazing.  At least I think so.  Every day without fail I find myself gazing out my windows looking for these “skyland” creatures and watching how carefree they seem to be. 
Wednesday morning (June 24th, 2015) around 6 A.M., I decided to feed the birds early to test out a little experiment. Blackberries, grapes, bread and mixed birdseed were placed in various bird feeding stations.  Upon returning into the house I stopped at the kitchen window to see if I had any takers of the fresh table I set before the birds.   

As I waited I asked the Lord to show me something amazing that day.  In my spirit I heard, “I have, everything you see is amazing.” 

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Amazing Situations 

For the Father’s Day holiday weekend I asked my husband what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go for a ride.  His response didn’t take long.  “How about a short ride to the ER?” 

Well, that took the wind out of my fun filled sails.  His heart had gone into AFIB again, but he didn’t tell me until two hours after the fact.  Quickly I gathered my gear (code for ladies essentials for leaving the house) and off we went to the hospital.  Leaving the house I prayed that my husband’s heart doctor would be on call that weekend. 

The parking lot was pretty much empty so we got a good spot by the door.  Once inside a sharp right took us to the lobby.  No one was there, but off in the left corner was a small office that appeared to be dark.  All of a sudden we saw about five heads with big glassy eyes, but no bodies.  Freaky!  Then the door opened and one lady came out to greet us.   

As she approached us I said to my husband that it was like a wild cage at the zoo and they had let out one of the critters.  “Did they forget to pay the electric bill?   I joked to the nurse.  “No, it gets so hot in here we turn out the lights.”   

We explained the situation; then a team of nurses went into action getting a wheel chair before escorting us to the trauma room. Rolling down the hall we arrived at the nurse’s station – also no lights.  It was dark and quiet like no one was at home.  A few minutes later I commented on how there wasn’t a soul around.  “Well there wasn’t until he came in (she looked at my hubby).” the nurse replied.  Within fifteen minutes the ER was packed. 

Here we go again ...
Hubby waving to you.  I fell asleep on that black stool.
Even though his heart rate was about 140 beats a minute, he was in good spirits.  We knew what we were up against and kept calm.
Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get us laughing and by the time we got to the hospital our giggle dials were already set.  All we had to do was follow the script and play off one another’s lead. So that’s what we did to lighten the situation, plus it didn’t help that when I’m tired I tend to laugh a lot more. 

The ER doctor made his appearance and in the midst of his examination a code blue to trauma room eleven was sent out over the intercom.  He looked at us and said, “That’s not you, you’re in room ten.”  Now he was laughing as well. 

After removing my husband’s shirt, he was hooked up to a heart monitor and already had an IV in his left arm.  Standing in front of my husband, one nurse began asking the series of mandatory questions they riddle through to each patient. 

“Have you ever had any surgery?” she inquired.  My husband looked over to me and tried to contain himself. I held back my desire to burst into laughing, but my thoughts kept going: “Do you not see the foot long incision in the middle of his chest or the three big holes in his stomach?” If she couldn’t see those we’ve got even bigger problems. 

It went downhill from there and I couldn’t resist having some fun with this young girl.  When leaving the room she politely asked if she could get us anything.  In a southern accent I made my appeal, “A libation would be nice.”  My husband looked at me to see if I was going to elaborate, but realized I was just going to let it go at that.  She didn’t have a clue to what I meant and walked out of the room smiling. 

For the next five hours we entertained ourselves in the room commenting how we were on vacation as the doctor suggested; room service was slow but all in all the room with the view was nice.  The gift shop was closed so the only souvenirs we got were a few parting brochures and the heart monitor pads they stuck on hubby. 

Both of us laughed ourselves to sleep from exhaustion.  Our rest was interrupted with a male nurse briskly snatching the crash cart that was stored in “our” room.  He headed into the next room – room eleven. 
Not long after that we heard the helicopter landing for a pick up to transport a person to another hospital.  I knew right then why we were supposed to be in the emergency room at that time. 

The staff did a fine job.  My husband was in good shape with all his needs being tended to easily.  Basically, we were “chillin” while waiting for the doctor to return.
When we heard the helicopter we went into prayer for all those involved with the care of that lady who needed to be moved.  Shortly after the pilot left the landing pad with his patient my husband was released from the hospital. 

In my spirit I know God allowed us to arrive at the same time that woman would be in the ER, so we could pray for her. The Lord also heard my request for my husband’s cardio doctor to be on call. He wasn’t only in the hospital that day, but he was right at the emergency room nurse’s station and took care of my husband immediately.  What an amazing God we have that He would allow our situation to be of use to Him for meeting a need of someone we’ve never met. 

Amazing People 

I’m often asked how I find so many things to write about for my articles or columns.  It’s easy I say … look at people.  They’re always doing something that’s funny or unusual. 

Amazing Sports Record Breakers
This week I read a post on Twitter that proved my point.  Referring to a certain individual it said, “The talent level is amazing.”
They were right except for a few things. This kind of talent isn’t restricted to one man, nor is his talent amazing.  God has distributed amazing people throughout the entire planet and they all have some type of gift. 

“Publish His (God’s) glorious deeds among the nations
(including your own nation).
Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.”
(Psalm 96:3 NLT emphasis mine)

God blessed us with being treated to dinner at a restaurant by some friends of ours. While we were eating a man noticed my tee-shirt that read, “Jesus is my best friend.”  It was kind of hard to miss, being bright purple and pink, but I often wear clothes that proclaim my faith as a way of “publishing” the Word of God as scripture declares. 

He approached our table and commented that he liked my shirt and handed us his card.  To my surprise my husband remembered him from a Sunday night church singing a few years back. 

It didn’t take him long before he shared some amazing details about his life and how God had worked in every situation.  The older gentleman began with events of being a paratrooper in World War II at the age of fifteen, his Jimmy Hoffa encounter and governmental workings.  He spoke of the wondrous things the Lord had done in his life concerning salvation, healing and more.   

Our brief interlude with a stranger tweaked our interest and stirred a conversation about another senior.  When he left the table my friend Ruth told me about a woman she knew who still works five days a week (thirty hours) from 4 P.M. to 10 P.M. in Walmart.  What amazed me was her age – 93! … and she doesn’t use a walker! 

Before parting company with this couple we always hug one another in the parking lot.  As we were saying our good-bye round of hugs, a gentleman making his way to enter the restaurant saw what we were doing.  Walking up to us he questioned, “I see all this sugar going around, what do I have to do to get in on a hug like that?”  

The four of us smiled and inquired if he needed a hug, but my husband did something else.  He turned around, stretched out his arms and pulled the man into his chest embracing him with a long hearty hug.  

“God bless you man.” My husband said as he released the stranger from his grip.  Popping hubby in his tender chest, the gentleman stepped back with a huge smile and said to him, “You’re awesome man.  I needed that!”

I didn’t have to look very far to discover God’s amazing people or person(s) that afternoon. I’m married to one. 

Everyone was gripped with great wonder and awe,
they praised God, exclaiming:
We have seen amazing things today!”
(Luke 5:26 NLT)

Amazing Hypocrites 

No matter where you look, amazing is happening all around.  Maybe you consider the landmarks or places like the "Old" Seven Wonders of the World something in the amazing category.  Yes, we think on these creations of God and man with awe.  They leave us breathless. 

Things can be slipped into that area as well when it comes to the unique or unusual items that have been invented.  Sometimes I think this word is overused and credited to things that aren’t amazing at all.  Then I stopped to look out that window again … 

Animals are tops on my list when it comes to how amazing they are in their activity and beauty. Even the strange looking ones have a characteristic that can be identified as amazing, and that takes me back to my bird story. 

Five minutes into my investigation of my winged friend’s behavior the research now had to include squirrels, actually six of them.  As I leaned over the sink to get a better view of the activity, a squirrel came to the window and began watching me.  Ten minutes we glared at one another before my furry visitor turned around and dined on the feast I had provided. 

Almost thirty minutes later the birds made their appearance with the tiny sparrow showing up last.  I remembered the passage in Luke 12 when Jesus was teaching His disciples on hypocrisy.  Wasn’t it strange that text came to mind? Not the birds section, but the hypocrite part. 

What is a biblical hypocrite?  Someone who says they believe, but they really don’t believe what they say they do or they wouldn’t live their life like they were.  They don’t practice the moral standards or belief’s they claim they have, but put up a pretense and never conform to the Word of God. 

Amazing God, Amazing You 

The Bible explains how precious we are to God.  We are His amazing creation that He loves beyond what we could ever imagine. 
Over and over God has shared how much He cares for us, yet we question, doubt and downright don’t believe Him.  If we did we would accept His amazing grace, love, mercy and favor that is strictly set aside for those who believe on/in Him.   

Read how Jesus tried to get this across to us in this passage. 

“What is the price of five sparrows – two copper coins?  Yet God does not forget a single one of them.  And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid (fret, worry or have anxiety over); you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. 

I (Jesus) tell you the truth, everyone who acknowledges Me publicly here on earth, the Son of Man (Me, Jesus) will also acknowledge in the presence of God (and His angels).  But anyone who denies Me here on earth will be denied before God (and His angels).” (Luke 12:6-8 NLT)
Here is my point. If God loves the animals He created so much that even the tiny sparrow is cared for, what will He provide and do for those He created in His own image? 

It’s time we discover the amazing in ourselves that Jesus died for so that we could be reunited with an amazing Heavenly Father. He alone took our place on the cross to remove the sin we committed against our Creator, in order for us to be able to stand before God “perfect” in His eyes.  Truly, this is amazing!  It’s like taking a bath without water or soap after we have tangled with a skunk and coming out squeaky clean.  We all know that’s impossible for man, but not with God. 

He favored us, His amazing creation with mercy, grace and blessings even knowing all we had done against Him.  Wouldn’t you place that in the amazing category?  Try that with a friend or family member.   

“I have heard all about You, LORD.
I am filled with awe by Your amazing works (you are His work also).
In this time of our deep need, help us again as You did in years gone by.  And in Your anger (because we didn’t obey or believe),
Remember Your mercy. (Habakkuk 3:2 NLT emphasis mine)
When was the last time you did a hair count? Have you ever? Of course not, but God is always aware of every aspect of our lives down to the exact number of remaining hairs on our head.  We should be grateful He doesn’t share those bits of information. 

God made you amazing, because it’s what He does.  He never created anything that wasn’t amazing.  Since you are His creation, that means you are simply an amazing person.  It’s not your talent, looks, money or assets that make you amazing.  God isn’t impressed by what He created for us to use for His glory.  

It’s the spirit of God in you that makes you kin to an amazing Lord. Think about that  - you amazing you! 

“How amazing are the deeds of the LORD!
All who delight in Him should ponder them.” (Psalm 111:2 NLT)

This Week’s Challenge:
Amazing Discoveries 

Not a day goes by that God doesn’t put something amazing in our path, whether it is people, places or things.
He always places us in situations for us to comprehend just how amazing He is, and to take notice of the people He has created. 

I could list so many things that inspired me in my discovering amazing this week, but instead I doubt I could make it any more plain than this. 

Our challenge this week will be to make three amazing discoveries: 

Discover our amazing God.
Discover how amazing the people are in your life.
Discover how amazing you are to God.

1 - Discover how amazing God is by reading His word and taking time to look around you. Elements, seasons, heavens and earth submit to the voice of God. 

The birds fly because God said, “Fly.”  Seas don’t cross the line God set for them.  The sun and stars stay put when they were flung into place and they’re still there.  Trees, grass, flowers and plants grow based on the unaltered organic original seed God sowed. No GMO’s either! 

2 - Take "a new approach" on how you look at those around you, including your loved ones or friends. What is it that has the “amazing” touch of God on their lives? 

3 - Look in the mirror and tell that person looking back at you what an amazing job God did when He created unique you.  Be sure not to address the ego man, but the fantastic designer features only you possess. 

Take time to discover why God thinks you are amazing to Him, and you will discover what it means to really be amazingly loved. 

It’s true LORD, everything I see through Your eyes is amazing!  Thank you!

This Is Amazing Grace
Phil Wickham Worship Video with lyrics 

 Until next time, favor is amazing!

“My favor is for amazing you.”
Jesus Christ

Note: The words satan or devil are not capitalized deliberately, because we give him no place in our lives.
Disclaimer: Article information is not meant to be used as treatment for mental or physical issues, but geared toward spiritual awareness. 

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