Friday, February 22, 2019

The Other Side of Troubles

"Nobody knows the troubles I've seen, nobody knows but Jesus!" 

Sound familiar?  Sure it does, because at one time or another we've all sang the blues to someone and it probably wasn't to Jesus!

Physical therapy, crazy weather with weird storms, JJ’s eyes … it’s been an emotionally, physically and spiritually stretched time.  In the midst of it all I remind myself that God still listens to my endless plea for help, because of His unfailing love and mercy.

It began with me having physical therapy; yep, me – not hubby!  Come to find out that the nerve pain I’ve been experiencing in my arms is due to over activity from working on the computer. 

Besides exercise therapy, I’ve been given “recommendations” to cease or lighten my computer time until my arms heal.  Following the therapist’s instructions, I have been doing more research off line for future articles or teachings.  (We won’t count this time, besides it’s really short!)

To say that I was a bit miffed with the timing of this would be an understatement.  My plans were moving forward and I was seeing some progress with goals toward my vision.

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Dear God …

For a time, I was enjoying the fellowship and favor of God, thanking Him for the blessings I receive each day. Then something happened with a senior rescue cat with feline herpes.

Somehow this beautiful thirteen-year old, five pound “baby” girl had punctured her eye resulting in blindness.  Whether she did it herself or it was a result of an issue with another cat we simply don’t know.

The fluid leaked out causing her eye to sink back in the socket, practically closing it totally.  Due to her medical conditions and age an operation was not possible.  Although we are aware of the diagnosis, we are believing God for restoration in little JJ’s eye. 

When my husband returned home with precious JJ, all the peace that I had been enjoying hours earlier began slipping away by fear.  So much had been happening that I haven’t even shared, and now …

“Dear God, I’ve never heard of such a thing.  

Is she in pain … 

how are we to help her?”

We were versed on the kind of care she needed and have followed the “plan” that was given by the doctor.  If all this weren’t enough my brother was recovering from heart surgery, and friends of ours lost everything in a house fire!

Feeling confused (which is never of God because He gives us a sound mind) and burdened I spent a lot of time in prayer, reading the Bible and listening to hours of sound doctrinal teaching.  Trying to find answers, the Holy Spirit directed me to something He had dealt with me a few years ago.  I have failed to set my belief clock - again!

Scriptures Give Us Hope

You know what?  In my time with the Lord He listened, calmed my spirit, helped me focus and didn’t get angry that I started to get anxious or fearful.  As a matter of fact, I did exactly what He wanted me to do – I ran to Him in my time of need as a child would to a father.

The reason why I was able to be calmed, regaining my peace, is because God had something to work with in me.  No, it wasn’t me, but His Word and Spirit which are in me through time spent in reading what He had to say in the Bible.  When we don’t know what God has said it’s impossible to hear His voice for direction, which leads us into His favor.

It’s no secret that sometimes we trek off on a path of our own and totally mess things up trying to get ahead of the Lord.  During those times He allows, not causes, situations to arise in our lives so that it gets us to step back and let God be God.

Life and Favor

I know it’s hard to believe that something good can rise on the other side of all the troubles, but it can.  God is the One who gives life and favor to His children; He knows what He's doing.  Trust Him and leave it all in His capable loving hands.  Take a deep breath and keep believing anyway as you make this confession daily over yourself.

“You (God) gave me life and favor, and Your intervention (gracious love, kindness, provision and continual care) watched over my spirit.”
(Job 10:12 NET emphasis mine)

When we go back to the Word of God allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us, we can be encouraged and remain in hope.  God will fulfill His promises and provide the answers you need in His perfect timing.

“Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. 
And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait
 patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” (Romans 15:4 NLT)

Well, He’s doing it again … I don’t know what it is, but because I know the promise of peace is at risk, I’m willing to listen, watch and wait on the Lord.

With that being said, let me redirect you from this page to another – the one the Holy Spirit led me to when I entered the Throne Room of God in a tizzy.  We’ll pick up over there … off you go!

For those who have never heard the "old spiritual" song ...

I used this version because hubby loves this man.

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