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The Best Brunch Recipes!
If you are a brunch person, you will enjoy these ideas that go over big with family and friends.  My favorite is the French toast!
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5 Sensational Brunch Recipes 

Snowball Christmas Cookies

My aunt used to make her famous holiday cookies.  Each year we would look forward to them and anxiously waited for the package to arrive in the mail.  This is a cookie similar to hers that I believe you will really like.  You can get the recipe by clicking on the title.

Pineapple Boat

Have you ever eaten something that you just can't get enough of?  I have, and this recipe is it.  Fruit salads have got to be one of my favorite foods, so I had to share with you one that I first ate 30 years ago while in Hawaii.

Potato Salad for the Holidays

One of my favorite foods to eat around summer holidays is good old fashioned potato and macaroni salads. After all these years I finally shared my recipe and hope that you will enjoy it.  Let me know how you like it by visiting my website for this recipe.

West African Vegetarian Vegetable Stew

Just in time for winter!  Today it's quite cold out and a good time to make homemade West African Vegetarian Vegetable Stew. Look for the recipe on my website.  Let me know how you liked it or if you made some changes we would be interesting in trying.

Asparagus Spiral Wraps in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for an easy, yet delicious recipe that will make your mouth want more?  Try my asparagus wrap recipe and let me know what you think.  You can find it here in the Good Veg magazine.



  1. Hubby is a BIG fan of the Pecan French Toast. The asparagus wraps have never made it to the table! So good!


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