Special Gifts for Men & Women


Gifts for Women
There are  millions of people preparing for one of the biggest holidays of the year, Mother's Day.  However, in honor of all women I have selected some of the loveliest gifts that ladies would like.  God's Heart Jewelry is beautiful and a great way to share you faith in Jesus Christ.  To view all the pieces available click on the link to my websites.

Titanic Heart Shaped CZ Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

Thomas Kinkade Jewelry

Thomas Kinkade Jewelry



Beauty Products & Perfume

Vitabath ~ Shower Gel, Soap, Lotion, Body Spray & Gift SetsVitabath ~ Shower Gel, Soap, Lotion, Body Spray & Gift Sets

Vitabath products have been a top seller for over 50 years with their line of shower gels, body sprays, soaps, scrubs and lotions.  Along with the original...| vitabath › gifts for women

Wind Song by Prince MatchabelliWind Song by Prince Matchabelli

What makes a person unforgettable? Is it their great smile or the softness of their skin? Do they have a face that isn't easily forgotten with a voice that sounds... | Wind Song by Prince Matchabelli › perfume

White Linen PerfumeWhite Linen Perfume

Finding just the right fragrance for me can be a little overwhelming. I don't want something that is such a heavy smell that it practically chokes you when you ...
Ladies Accessories

2014 Best Designer Smartphone Wristlets & WalletsBest Designer Smartphone Wristlets & Wallets

Are you tired of lugging around those big messy purses?  Does your smartphone get lost in your purse causing you to scrounge to the bottom just to retrieve... | best smartphone wristlets › who is favored1
Bungalow360 Vegan Wristlets

Bungalow360 Vegan Wristlets

Why carry a wristlet? Besides the fact that this fabulous product is all natural and vegan, let me share a story which happened to me recently that added to... | Bungalow360 vegan wristlets › smartphone accessories

Gifts for Men

Travel & Toiletry Kits for MenTravel & Toiletry Kits for Men

Travel & Toiletry Kits for Men are the most important item to bring on any trip, according to my husband. If you are in search of a perfect gift for the... | Mens Travel Kits › gifts for men

Craftsman Reinforced Tool BagCraftsman Reinforced Tool Bag

A Tool Bag for Anyone We had learned about a grand opening of a hardware store in the community. With all the closings of businesses and shortages...

5 Football Stories that Changed History5 Football Stories that Changed History

Football, Family and Friends ... it's a combination that I grew up with in my home. Not that I was a big fan, but all those around me were so I sort of got placed... | Best football movies › football movies



Gifts for Teachers, Students & Busy People

Bed Buddy® ~ Hot & Cold TherapyBed Buddy® ~ Hot & Cold Therapy

If you could get relief from pain without medicine, would you give it a try?  Sure you would, and so did I.  Instead of a pain pill or smelly rubs... | original bed buddy › alternative medicine

Tote Bags on Wheels for TeachersTote Bags on Wheels for Teachers

Are you looking for the best gift for someone?  Tote bags on wheels are perfect and they will be continually used. | Best Tote Bags on Wheels for Teacherstote bags  

 Kinkade Music Boxes and More Kinkade Music Boxes and More

Combine the love I have for music with my passion for beautiful gardens and you've captured my attention. For years I have been a collector of music boxes.... | Thomas Kinkade music boxes › musical gifts

Thomas Kinkade ClocksThomas Kinkade Clocks

Time is something we all have in common. We need to measure it, invest it, spend it, save it...and the list is endless. Our daily lives revolve with the hands... | Best clocks › wall clocks

Thomas Kinkade Cottages in Paintings, Figurines & GiftsThomas Kinkade Cottages in Paintings, Figurines & Gifts

Ivy Gate Cottage was the name of TK's studio where he created his masterpieces including Nanette's cottage named after his beloved wife. The cottage paintings...

Thomas Kinkade Living Waters Golfer's Paradise LampsThomas Kinkade Living Waters Golfer's Paradise Lamps

Golfing is one of the most popular sports in the world and it's not just for the professional. It begins in the heart of a sportsman to perfect their swing... | thomas kinkade › table lamps

Thomas Kinkade Tapestry Thomas Kinkade Tapestry

Tapestries have been dated back as far as the Hellenistic Greek period 323 BC.  The word tapestry comes from an Old French term tapisser which means to...


  1. I absolutely love Thomas Kinkade works. That ring is beautiful! and the bracelet is gorgeous too

    1. So do I. Working my way through the collection (LOL). The God's Heart collection is so nice as well. They are among the favorites I wear.


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