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Big Bone Toy Box Storage Bin

Big Bone Toy Box Storage BinBone Shaped Toy Box for Dogs I can't help it ... I love buying things for our pets. Not having kids leaves a big spot in your heart for having a pet(s),...

Bake-A-Bone: The Original Dog Treat Maker

Bake-A-Bone: The Original Dog Treat MakerThe "Natural" Solution for Better Dog Health When it comes to my pets I am very particular as to what they eat. Finding the right snacks and treats that aren't...

Best Solvit Pet Stairs

Best Solvit Pet StairsDoes your pet have trouble climbing like it used to?  Then Solvit’s Pet Stairs are what your pet needs to be able to reach their favorite locations...| Solvit pet stairs › favored1

Gifts for English Setter Fans

Gifts for English Setter FansFinding the right gift for the English Setter Fan just got easier.  Whether you are looking for a figurine, clothes, ornaments, framed prints, or books... | Best gifts for English Setter lovers › favored1

Veterinary Books for Pet Owners

Veterinary Books for Pet OwnersEverything You Need to Know for Pet Care Not every kid grows up having a pet of their own. Aside from the occasional garter snake, ponies my father cared...


Celebrations of Pets & Animals

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

Celebrate National Puppy Day with Collie. She was chosen as this year's International mascot and she needs a home. Just like thousands of other puppies, Collie... 

National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day If you are a lover of cats, today is a day you'll want to celebrate. May 30th is the official National Hug Your Cat Day! Cat owners all across the land will...



Rescue Stories

Yancy, Little Yum-Yum

 Yancy, Little Yum-Yum


Lady Featherstone

Pet adoption has been very dear to my heart from the first time I laid eyes on a hurting creature of God's.  Lady is a story about a rescue kitty and her little babies.  Read about her life on my website. (Photo copyright Favored1)

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